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Supermom Varsha Tekade's Amazing Journey - Balancing Work & Home With Brilliance!

December 3, 2020

Becoming a new mom is a beautiful experience, though it sure is a challenging one, However, transforming into a Supermom is a bigger challenge and it is as sweet as heavenly nectar, especially for the Mother and Child.

We on Cloudnine believe, and like the good book says, ‘Mother Knows best!

In today’s day and age where life tricks everyone to believe that it’s nothing but a rat race, these supermoms prove it wrong, showing complete diligence towards their work and at the same time creating a wonderful life for the newest members of their families. These are the moms who maintain the admirable and perfect balance between family, work and their babies.

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“A mother’s love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible” – Marion C. Garretty.

Cloudnine salutes this spirit of being a supermom in every mother!

One such Supermom is Mrs. Varsha Tekade. Varsha hails from New Delhi and currently resides in Navi Mumbai with her family. She presently is the HR manager with UBS. Varsha is a new mom to a lovely baby girl who was delivered on Cloudnine Hospital - Vashi, Mumbai under the supervision of Dr. Shalini Varma. Along with being a new mom, she is a young career-driven, Talent Acquisition(Technology - HR) Specialist who is dedicated to balancing her work and her home.

We wonder how women maintain this delicate balance and excel in either field all at once. To understand more about how Varsha manages everything so well with a smile on her face, we asked her a few questions to shed light on the situation. She very welcomingly answered them, and we’re glad to have connected with her to hear more about her pregnancy journey.

In Conversation with Varsha Tekade Velinkar, our Supermom on Cloudnine!

1. How do you manage to be a supermom every day?

I try to do everything to fulfil the needs of my li’l one; she’s my top priority. However, I try my best to accomplish this along with meeting all other responsibilities towards my partner, my job and my home.

2. What were the challenges you faced as a new Mom?

Keeping everything available on time and with a smiling face, moreover to take out time for myself, to keep myself fit and fine in order to handle everything. Yes, these were challenges because you’re mostly tired as a new mother. But as challenging as it was, I was determined to keep going for myself, my baby and my family, and it made me stronger than ever.

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3. What kind of projects/responsibilities did you handle during that period?

I work as an HR, and my core responsibilities are hiring resources for the firm, which is in itself is quite challenging. This job needs me to be on toes every time, and I love it. During my pregnancy, I managed to go to work until my last month. I completed all my tasks set by my seniors with complete dedication as the work required complete involvement and presence on my part. All of these are tremendous achievements for me, and I am proud of it.

4. How supportive was your company/team? (In terms of giving leave, work pressure etc.)

My work environment was very collaborative, and the Managers at UBS are incredibly supportive. I could happily establish that it was a smoothe sail in terms of the atmosphere at work. My managers and colleagues helped me to the core in handling my work and in completing my tasks. They never complained about my mood swings, which was a bonus. Instead, they helped me face my challenges which in turn gave me the stamina to come to work for all those nine months. My health, both mental and physical, has been wonderfully preserved due to their efforts.

5. How supportive was your family?

My family is my support system, especially my partner, brother and my parents. They are my pillars of strength. The Almighty has been very benevolent and has blessed me with their love. I feel grateful and proud at the same time. It is true, without them, this journey would not have been this smooth.

6. How was your journey of becoming a Mom on Cloudnine? What did you like about Cloudnine?

Like the name ‘Cloudnine’ suggests, I had a similar experience, it was like I was “On Cloud 9” during my whole pregnancy period from the time before my delivery to the time after it.

Its truly is a perfect maternity chain of hospitals, and I highly recommend Cloudnine Hospitals to all the to-be-mom out there. They gave me the best care. The environment felt like home. All the staff from my Doctor to the Caretakers were excellent and very polite.

Varsha also believes that life is never the same once the Li’l one enters one’s life and is lovingly placed in one’s arms. These tiny humans take away most of the time of their parents, but as a working mom, she tries to balance both work and home by giving adequate time to her office work by cutting down on those extra outings and winding up most of her work within the 9-hour window. She also manages to finish work while looking after her baby which indeed is quite a challenging task, however, that becomes possible if one sets a routine.

Her work-life balance is highly supported by her partner who has been there for her as a source of encouragement. Her husband takes care of their baby for half the day which lets her kick start her day well and plan her time accordingly. To make things work out one’s partner needs to understand things and be instrumental in making things work out.

Varsha recommends setting a routine to make things happen the way one has planned, and in this way, children also respond well accordingly.

Varsha restates that all one needs to do is to have patience, dedication, and collaboration with a desire to make things happen.

We, on Cloudnine, are delighted to have been part of her journey and we love her for the strong and loving Supermom that she is!

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