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Signs Of Ovulation For Pregnancy

July 8, 2024

Are you trying hard to conceivenaturally? A clear understanding of your fertile window is essential when youwish to get pregnant. Fertile window is the time when you ovulate during yourmenstrual cycle. You may notice some signs and symptoms during ovulation inyour body. These signs indicate you have entered the fertile window and it isthe right time to try for a baby. Identifying your fertile window is easy ifyou have a regular menstrual cycle. If not, you must look for signs ofovulation or track ovulation, as it increases the chance of getting pregnant.Continue reading to know the signs of ovulation and pregnancy symptoms after ovulation day by day.

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What is Ovulation?

Before listing the signs of ovulation,you must know about it. The female menstrual cycle includes four phases:menstruation, follicular phase, ovulation and luteal phase. The ovulation phaseis when the eggs are released from the ovary during the menstrual cycle. Therise of luteinising hormone is responsible for the release of eggs from theovary.

Tracking Your Fertile Days

The chance of pregnancy is higher whenyou have sex during ovulation, i.e. during the release of eggs. It is said thatyou are fertile one or two days before and after ovulation. So plan to have sexon alternative days during your fertile window, say the 12th, 14th and 16th dayafter the first day of your period. This works if you have a regular menstrualcycle of 28 days. If you’re unaware of your fertile window or ovulation days,look for signs and changes in your body. This helps you recognise the day youovulate.

Evident Signs of Ovulation

  • BreastTenderness: The hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle can cause severalchanges in your body. You may feel sensitivity or tenderness in your breastduring ovulation. This is a usual sign of ovulation.
  • Mild Cramps inYour Breast and Pelvic Area: You may experience mild discomfort in yourbreast or pelvic area during your fertile window. You may also experience mildcramps or spasms in the lower abdomen. It may last for a few hours when theovary releases the egg. Not every woman suffers from cramps during ovulation.
  • Bloating: Bloating makesyour belly feel full and tight, uncomfortable, and painful at times. It is aclear sign of ovulation, as it can occur during the middle of the menstrualcycle due to changes in hormone levels.
  • Rise in BasalBody Temperature: During ovulation, when your ovary releases an egg, the progesteronehormone shoots up to build a lining in the uterus. This increases your bodytemperature. So, if your basal body temperature rises, it may be a sign thatyou’re ovulating.
  • Increased SexualDrive: High libido or increased sex drive are the signs you are ovulating.It is nature’s way to tell you’re fertile. This is due to the change in hormonelevels during ovulation.
  • Spotting: You may noticemild spotting during ovulation. If you notice pink or brown colour spotting inthe middle of your cycle, it is a potential sign of ovulation.
  • Change in Mucusdischarge: During ovulation, you may notice changes in your vaginal mucusdischarge. When the cervical mucus becomes clear white, this is an evident signof ovulation. So, if you notice changes in your mucus discharge, it is a clearindicator that you are fertile.
  • Headache andNausea: If you suffer from headache or nausea in the middle of your menstrualcycle, it is a sign that your ovary is releasing eggs.
  • Heightened Senseof Smell: Some women experience an elevated sense of smell during ovulation.This is due to the spike in hormone levels. This is a less common sign ofovulation.

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Ways To Track Your Fertile Window

If you’re unable to find your exact ovulation days, then the following methods help you track the same:

  • Measure Your Basal Body Temperature: You’re aware of the rise of your body temperature during ovulation. Make use of a basal thermometer to check your basal temperature. Use the thermometer every morning to check for the increase in basal temperature. The temperature rise indicates ovulation.
  • Predict Ovulation With Ovulation Kit: The LH is responsible for the release of eggs from your ovary. This hormone level spikes during ovulation. This happens two days before the day of ovulation. Make use of ovulation kits to measure the level of LH hormone. It is a home test carried out with your urine sample. Ifthe result is positive, then it means you're fertile.

Pregnancy Symptoms After Ovulation

There are high chances of conception after ovulation. Here is the list of symptoms after ovulation if pregnant.

  • Cramping: You may experience mild cramping a few days after ovulation when conception takes place.
  • Fatigue: This is a common symptom
  • Nausea: If you’re pregnant after ovulation, then you may experience nausea.
  • Large and tender breasts: Your breasts may look large or tender due to hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle.
  • Feeling to pee often: You may develop an urge to pee often when you’re pregnant.
  • Increased mucus discharge: Check your mucus discharge after ovulation to determine whether you’re pregnant. You may notice thick and gummy mucus discharge after ovulation if you're pregnant.

You may notice certain symptoms after ovulation if not pregnant,like cramps, headaches, mood swings, fatigue, etc. This is a sign your period is approaching.

The above signs of ovulation help you plan your intercourse with your partner. It is a valuable tool to increase the chance of getting pregnant. Track your fertile window and transform your dream of parenthood into reality.


1. How do I know if I'm ovulating to get pregnant?

Knowing your ovulation days is importantfor getting pregnant. Having sex during ovulation increases the chances ofpregnancy. You may know you are ovulating by noticing specific signs likebreast tenderness, lower abdominal cramps, bloating, spotting, mucus discharge,rise in basal body temperature, nausea and headache.

2. What are the symptoms of pregnancy during ovulation?

Mucus discharge, rise in bodytemperature, bloating, nausea, and spotting are symptoms you experience duringovulation.

3. What are the 7 signsof ovulation?

If you’re ovulating, you may notice anyof the following signs

  1. Rise in body     temperature
  2. Cervical     mucus discharge
  3. Mild breast     tenderness
  4. Spotting
  5. Nausea
  6. Bloating
  7. Increase in sex drive

4. Can ovulation make you feel pregnant?

Yes, sometimes ovulation symptoms makeyou feel you're pregnant. Nausea, abdominal cramps, and mild spotting are thecommon symptoms of ovulation and pregnancy that make you think you’re pregnant.

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