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Pregnancy Care During Summer Tweetinar On Cloudnine

Pregnant Woman Holding A Bowl Of Fruits[/caption]On 13th June 2018, Cloudnine launched a live Tweetinar on Pregnancy Care During Summer on its Twitter handle @CloudnineCare. It was conducted by Dr Poornima M. Gowda, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist at Cloudnine Hospital, Whitefield and Cloudnine Clinic, Kundalahalli, Bangalore. The Tweetinar was well-received and drew participation from Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, the National Capital Region and beyond. Highlights of the Tweetinar are included below. Specialist Details: Dr Poornima M. GowdaSpecialty: Obstetrics & GynaecologyClinical Focus and Expertise: Pregnancy, pre- and post-delivery care, gynaecological problems, irregular menstrual cycles, normal and C-section delivery, obstetric care, prenatal counsellingClick here to Consult The Best Pregnancy Doctors in Noida

Tweetinar Questions & Answers

1Is it safe to continue doing household work while pregnant?Yes, but you should avoid strenuous activities like hand-washing clothes and chores that involve squats.2I am five months pregnant and experiencing itching and white discharge. What should I do?These are signs of a fungal infection. You should consult a doctor. 3I am seven months pregnant and struggle to climb up the stairs. Is this normal?No. A deficiency of vitamin D may be the culprit. 4How much exercise is safe during pregnancy?A moderate amount of exercise is fine. Avoid exercising in the afternoons. Instead, schedule light workouts in the morning or evening. Also, swimming is a great activity for pregnancy. 5How should one control pregnancy-related anxiety?Meditation can work wonders in relieving anxiety.6What is the best remedy for swollen feet during pregnancy?Staying hydrated, avoiding salt and elevating your legs can minimise swelling.7I am a diabetic currently in my second trimester. I have recently contracted a cough. Can this be harmful to the pregnancy?If the cough persists for more than two weeks, consult a doctor. Otherwise, there is nothing to worry about.8I’ve had two past miscarriages and suspect that I am pregnant again. What course of action would you recommend to maximise the chances of a healthy pregnancy? A gap of three months is always advisable between successive pregnancies for the best chances of full-term delivery. If you feel like you may already have conceived again, visit your doctor.9I have swollen legs and often find myself breathing heavily. I also get tired very fast. What should I do?First, rule out anaemia and BP. The thyroid may also have a role to play. Get yourself tested for all three.10I am 32 weeks pregnant and am finding it increasingly hard to sit, given my big tummy. Any tips you have to reduce discomfort? Use a pillow behind your back to prop yourself up and alternate between sitting and standing. Standing up at intervals should help.11I am seven weeks pregnant and recently noticed some spotting. Is this normal?Spotting is not normal. Kindly get an ultrasound as spotting is often a precursor to miscarriage.12How can I prepare myself for a normal delivery?Keep a positive mind, be active, practise prenatal exercises and attend Lamaze sessions!13Do you have any general tips for pregnancy?A good diet, optimal hydration and comfortable clothing are always a winning combination.14Do pregnant women need to increase their water intake during the summer? A minimum of 2.5 litres of water per day is recommended during the summer. If you’re over 90 kilograms, that number moves to 3.5 litres per day.15What foods must one eat and avoid during pregnancy?Eat what you are comfortable eating. Light meals with minimal spice are best. 16I am two months pregnant and suffer from constant pain in my stomach, as also from vomiting. In addition, I spend a lot of time contemplating my food choices. Is there any reason to worry?No. These are normal signs of pregnancy. You can opt to take Doxinate to keep vomiting at bay.17Can you offer any advice on planning a baby the right way?Seek pre-pregnancy counselling, get your thyroid and sugar levels checked and take vitamin supplements.18Is there a medication regime I should follow for the polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) after my delivery?No. However, lifestyle modification may be required. 19I have red spots on my tummy and legs. What are these and how do I treat them?These may be rashes. Cetirizine tablets can help to reduce its effects. Also, apply a good moisturising lotion. Consult a doctor if no improvement is noticed.20Lately, I’ve been experiencing pain in my pubic area and have also been urinating more frequently than usual. Is this normal?Frequent urination is common during pregnancy. The burning sensation is not. Consult a doctor to seek a thorough diagnosis for this.21How can I seek respite from morning sickness?Avoid consuming spices. Also, ginger can help you gain control over morning sickness.22I have bilateral PCOS and have been taking Chirocyst and Meprate to alleviate its effects and achieve a pregnancy. Unfortunately, the medication has only caused me abdominal pain and hasn’t triggered my menstrual cycle. What should I do? The medicines prescribed will not correct the PCOS. In such cases, lifestyle modification is recommended. A healthy way of living will automatically bring your periods back on track.23My pregnancy has brought on gastric problems and mild cramps. What solution can you recommend?Stay away from spicy food. Carom seeds can be an effective antidote for gastric problems.24Why does the last trimester feel like a furnace? I’m perpetually hot and I’m not sure why.Alterations in body temperature are common in pregnancy. These are caused by the dilation of blood vessels, triggered by hormones.25Is it true that summer can aggravate pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, fatigue, cramps and pains? Yes, excessive heat can worsen symptoms.26How should one keep hydrated during a summertime pregnancy?Ensure a water intake of at least 2-3 litres, spread over regular intervals.27How can one cure acidity during pregnancy?Reduce your intake of spicy foods and start eating at regular intervals. 28Does morning sickness worsen during the summer? Yes, morning sickness may worsen due to excessive heat.29What foods can help one stay cool through the summer, given the temperature rise caused by pregnancy? Fruits and vegetables with high water content are ideal. Cucumber and watermelon should be consumed on a regular basis. 30What exercises would you recommend for the summer?Continue with your regular exercise regime but remember to avoid the afternoon hours and shift your workouts to the morning or night. Swimming is a safe exercise to pursue.31Is cold water safe to drink during pregnancy?Yes, in fact, it is recommended during the summer months.32How does one tackle the appetite loss that comes with summer?Eat at regular intervals to boost your metabolism.33How can one deal with the uncomfortable summer heat during pregnancy?Breathable clothing, optimal hydration and breathing exercises are advisable.34What foods would you recommend to beat the heat?Foods like coconut, cucumber and buttermilk should be had on a daily basis during the summertime.35How can one minimise the risk of contracting a urinary tract infection (UTI) during the summer?Your body’s water requirement increases during pregnancy. That being said, UTI can happen anytime and isn’t necessarily linked to summertime. 36What foods should one avoid during pregnancy?Spices, definitely! Green chillies, in particular, are best avoided. 37Can indulge in long baths be harmful to a pregnancy?Standing for long intervals is not recommended. That aside, cool water can be a wonderful cure for the hot summer weather.  38Can exposure to the sun be detrimental to the growth of my baby?Excessive exposure to the sun should be avoided. Carry an umbrella with you to shield yourself when you’re out and about.39I am in my ninth month of pregnancy and have started feeling particularly heavy. I am also experiencing itchiness that seems to have come in summer. What steps can I take to minimise this discomfort? Moisturise your skin to help prevent itchiness. Use products that have aloe vera and cocoa butter to promote soft, smooth skin. 40Is there any extra care that needs to be taken while travelling in local trains? Make sure you have access to proper ventilation to avoid suffocation while travelling in public transport facilities. 41Is swimming in the summer advisable during pregnancy?Swimming is safe but it’s important to keep a check on the hygiene at your public pool facility. 42Can consuming tea or coffee during summer be harmful to a pregnancy?Coffee and tea can increase the chances of dehydration so it's better to replace them with beverages like buttermilk and tender coconut water.43How can one keep skin allergies, dryness, flakiness and boils at bay in the summer?Regular moisturisation can help prevent allergies. Products that have aloe vera and cocoa butter can be soothing and potent. Medicated calamine can help too.44What kind of clothing would you recommend for a summertime pregnancy? Light-coloured clothes can work to deflect heat. Stick to cotton clothes for maximum comfort and avoid black and synthetic clothes. 45Should one stop prenatal exercise and yoga during the summer? There’s no need to restrict yourself from doing yoga or any kind of exercise. Pick cool periods like the morning or evening and stay hydrated.46What foods should one keep away from in a case of gestational diabetes? Mangoes, jackfruit and grapes are best avoided in a case of gestational diabetes.  47What SPF level should one opt for during pregnancy?A lotion with a minimum SPF of 15 is recommended. 48There are dozens of belts and products in the market that claim to reduce belly fat. Are they really helpful?Belly fat can only be reduced through exercise. There are no shortcuts to fat loss.

Click here to Book an Appointment with the Best Pregnancy Doctor Near YouAuthored By: Dr Poornima M. GowdaConsultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Cloudnine HospitalsMust Read: Healthy Summer Foods To Add To Your Maternity Diet