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Ovarian Cystectomy: Why Laparoscopy Is The Best Option

Look around. There are so many changes in everything - technology, for one, has made life very ‘convenient’. From getting groceries, food and every other item imaginable being delivered to doorsteps to massive changes in lifestyle, our lives have transformed. In fact, this transformation doesn’t stop at that. Of the many things, health issues have increased manifold, especially when it comes to women.

With the advancement of medicine, there is a parallel spike in health conditions as well, and when it comes to women, PCOD, PCOS and endometriosis are some of the most common problems that we see. These are a result of stressful lifestyle, lack of work-life balance, improper dietary conditions and the overall negligence.

Even though these are very common conditions, yet, the impact that they can have on a woman’s health are far-fetched. They could have external impacts like inexplicable weight gain, hair loss or a spurt of unwanted hair growth; internal implications such as hormonal imbalance and lower levels of hemoglobin and emotional impacts like stress and other related ailments such as infertility. It can prevent you from going about your daily routine normally, sometimes also resulting in dysmenorrhea (painful periods).

It becomes important, therefore, that such conditions be identified soon. If you have any of the above symptoms bothering you, it’s best to consult a gynecologist soon so that the problem can be identified and arrested before it leads on to other related illnesses. Most of the times, the gynecologist will run a series of tests and it’s been quite common to attribute these conditions to ovarian cysts.

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Understanding Cysts


Your ovaries are two almond-shaped structures on either side of the uterus. The role of your ovaries are to produce eggs, store them and let them develop. Sometimes, your ovaries might have little pockets that are filled with fluid, either inside, or outside the ovaries. These pockets are what your gynecologist will refer to as a cyst. Cysts are normally categorised into two types:
Simple cysts, that are no cause for concern. These cysts usually either disappear within two-three menstrual cycles and show no symptoms, or can be treated using medication. Complex cysts, that are potentially dangerous and can even become cancerous. These cysts might sometimes weigh quite a bit, even reaching two-three kilos, sometimes requiring surgical intervention.

Treating Cysts

Even though cysts are a very common condition in women, yet, most gynecologists will analyses each case differently. The initial mode of treatment will be to administer medicines for at least three to six months to check if there are any improvements. However, if after that specific time window, diagnostic tests recommended by the doctor show no progress, then the doctor may present the option of surgery.

Surgical Intervention For Ovarian Cysts: Laparoscopy

Even though the option of surgical intervention might sound scary, yet, medicine has come a long way in making it minimally-invasive. Gynecological surgeons often prefer the approach of laparoscopic surgeries as a treatment method for cysts. This is not just medically advanced with better clinical outcomes, but is also very effective over the conventional open surgery.

  • Firstly, the use of minimally-invasive equipment means the incision will be much smaller, causing minimal blood-loss.
  • Secondly, thanks to the use of laparoscopy, the discomfort experienced will be cut down considerably, also bringing down the chances of an infection to a negligible fraction.
  • Thirdly, it helps quicker recovery. This means you will be on your way to resume routine life in a short span of time.

Having said that, the key to proper treatment is timely and accurate diagnosis. we specialize in state-of-the-art technology that assists our experienced doctors in making the best choice for your health. Cysts might not be life-threatening most of the time, yet can bring with them considerable discomfort. It’s therefore essential to visit a reputed gynecologist to discuss the most appropriate plan of action.

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