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Numbness During Pregnancy – Causes and Remedies

December 3, 2020

Pregnant women experience numbness during pregnancy.  This is felt throughout their bodies in batches. It is a common symptom many expectant women experience during childbirth as the expecting mother's body starts undergoing changes to prepare itself for the new baby.

Numbness or tingling occurring in the second trimester happen mostly due to lack of sleep. During the third trimester, the symptoms of numbness intensify due to blood vessels getting compressed by the enlarged uterus and the modifications women add to their sleeping postures. There aren't exact cures, however, there are suggested measures or ways to cure tingling or numb tongue, numb stomach or belly and curing numb legs and feet during this time.

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When do expecting-mothers experience numbness

  • Numbness throughout the body is common during pregnancy, one needn't worry much about that.
  • Expecting mothers mostly go through numbness on their legs soon after waking up from a nap or in the morning.

  • The signs of numbness start occurring in the form of loss of sensation, tingling and pain, which reduces typically after making some change in the posture.
  • Numbness in expecting mother is as well occurs in their arms and joints when they wake up after long hours or lift heavy objects.
  • Numbness in fingers can be due to Stressed-out joints.
  • A few expecting mothers sometimes experience numbness in their tongue after intake of a certain kind of food or if they've strained their neck with a sudden movement.

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Causes of numbness during pregnancy

Below mentioned are some of the reasons behind numbness during pregnancy:

  • Hormonal changes in the body
  • A hormone called relaxin is released late in the pregnancy that softens the pelvic opening and other joints
  • This is the reason due to which the body's weight pinches the nerves in the joints and numb an area
  • Early pregnancy hormones retain water that leads to carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful condition
  • This syndrome affects the hands and the arms

  • Expecting mothers gain about fifty per cent more blood during pregnancy to support the new baby
  • This causes pressure on the median nerve that runs across the arm causing pain
  • Anaemia caused by low red blood cell count, iron deficiency or genetic factors may also cause numbness
  • Pain and numbness because of sciatica are experienced by most expecting  mothers
  • This pain is a shooting pain that attacks the lower back moving downwards to the whole length of the leg, reaching the feet.
  • Deficiency of Vitamin B12 & vitamin d (25oh) can be causative factors

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How to cure numb body parts?

There isn't exactly a way to cure the numbing effect during pregnancy. However, there are measures to soothe the pain to some extent.

  • Avoid the intake of food that causes increased numbness
  • Avoid sudden, straining movements of the neck
  • Sudden changes apply pressure on the spinal nerves due to which numbness is felt across the face and tongue
  • Avoid lifting weights or getting in bad postures
  • Reduce the intake of food rich in sodium which causes high blood pressure and water retention, which lead to numbness.

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  • Low blood sugar levels might cause numbness in the tongue
  • Wrist splints are worn during the night to keep the hands comfortable during sleep.
  • This  helps in preventing the arm from bending in awkward ways that would numb it in the morning
  • A hand splint can be used during the night to ensures the expecting mother doesn't lie on her arm in deep sleep that stops the blood supply to the whole arm.
  • Improve posture while sitting and standing

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  • Avoid lifting weights
  • Regular walks and exercise also help in reducing numbness of the body
  • Supplements of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D to be taken if deficiency proved on a blood test after consulting doctor.

Mild numbness during pregnancy is normal, however, if it leads to an extreme situation, the doctor needs to be informed. This situation could show symptoms of injuries or blockages, which require immediate medical attention. Numbness during pregnancy is usually normal and not a matter of concern more than often. They can be avoided with precautionary measures, as suggested in the list earlier.

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