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To learn is the basis and root of success

December 3, 2020

I have heard several times in the past ‘To learn is the basis and root of success’. Today, thanks to my professional experience at Cloudnine, I understand this better and agree. I have learnt to be a better person today, be it in a personal capacity or a corporate capacity.

I believe a job doesn’t have to be dull if you choose it not to be. My work every day presents me with the opportunity to learn, that I benefit from.  By working in an environment that promotes and nurtures growth, Cloudnine has given me a chance not just to learn but to also experiment and practice. Working closely with mothers to be, I enjoy being a part of a miracle such as child birth. This has made me more being forward focused and customer centric. I have learnt not just to delight a customer, but to add to the magic of the entire experience. In my view this helps in also eliminating any or all fears that a mother might have. Being in this type of environment has helped me flourish into a professional and individual who builds and grows a culture based on a core DNA of TRUST.

By constantly having the chance to develop and shape my skills I have been successful in building strong bridges with customers to emerge not just as a PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER, but to be a friend to them. Being part of a group of likeminded peers has given me a level of professional and personal maturity that I am confident will help me in every step of my life. Adaptability to a new days challenge whether crisis management of risk elimination has become part of my key leadership skills. Working closely with the leadership team has demonstrated the importance of an OPEN, approachable corporate culture. Instead of existing in silos, coming together with the entire team to jointly focus and develop a common goal is a great example of corporate cultures that actually make for a winning recipe.

However I wouldn’t be a complete professional if didn’t share all these learnings with my own team and peers, sharing knowledge has become a critical aspect to my KEY Skills.

Recently I was presented the opportunity to make use of all these learnings I have been gifted, planning my parents 60th birthday. Planning a day like this is not a task to be taken lightly. More than just being a birthday, a 60th birthday makes it all the more important. However I was faced with an opportunity to put all my learnings into practice, and while this was more of a subconscious action, I found that through my experience of adaptability, crisis management, customer focused, planning etc. So much so that my parents were extremely proud of the party I put together. Moments like these are truly priceless, and I have to thank my work experiences for this. I would like to thank Dr. Kishore Kumar and Mrs. Vidya Kumar, who have been a great inspiration for me and have always challenged me to try harder and better. Never being satisfied with the status quo is what has driven them to be the success they are, and I thank them for teaching me some of these values…

I also would like to thank my family and husband for their continued support.

Kavita Prasad

Parent Relationship Officer


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