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Is Having a Watery Discharge During Pregnancy Normal?

February 6, 2023

Many patients ask about watery discharge during Pregnancy. Physiologically it is known that Vaginal glands secrete a certain amount of clear, odorless and white secretion. The amount of discharge/ secretion depends on various factors like varying phases of menopause. It differs in menopausal women and during pregnancy. During pregnancy watery discharge is due to increased levels of estrogen secretion and hence an normal finding unless it emits an unpleasant odor or shows abnormal color changes.

What is Watery Discharge During Pregnancy?

As a new life starts developing, the pregnant female body start to equip itself to accommodate. The cervical regions and vaginal areas of women expand because of increased estrogen secretion. These changes increase the amount of blood that flows into the pelvic areas of expecting mothers. Thus, more blood flows into the uterus, uterine cervix and the regions where glands secrete watery discharge during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers are highly prone to catching infections and this secretion protect and shield the human vagina from contagions like bacteria and viruses. The watery discharge during pregnancy can also help remove the dead and unhealthy cells in the human vagina.

The amount of watery discharge during pregnancy may get heavier as time progresses. In several cases, this discharge can also be confused with urine. But this is normal during pregnancy and if in confusion it is wise to consult your obstetrician.

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What is Watery Discharge & How is the Same Secreted during Pregnancy?

Watery discharge during pregnancy is usually milky white or clear. The consistency of this discharge is also thin. This watery discharge during pregnancy is specifically termed physiologic leucorrhea. This discharge usually emits little to no smell and resembles the discharge secreted from the vagina before monthly menstruation.

When can this Discharge Turn Risky?

Discharge that is not colourless, thin or odourless is a matter of concern. The following symptoms demand immediate medical care.

The above symptoms can also mean the onset of various vaginal infections like vaginosis, trichomonas’s, candidiasis and other sexually transmitted illnesses. These infections during pregnancy can induce increased discomfort and medical complications. Therefore, immediate medical attention is essential during these cases.

Watery discharge in late pregnancy accompanied by pain and cramps around the lower pelvic regions can denote pelvic swelling or early labour. Thus, medical advice is mandatory during these circumstances.

Tips for Managing Discharge During Pregnancy

Since the watery discharge is not a matter of concern in most cases, it is often overlooked. But the following lifestyles can prevent , abnormal or heavy discharge during the entirety of the pregnancy.

  • It is advised to wear cotton or light underpants, organic pads and smooth panty liners.
  • It is also advised to refrain from wearing garments that are tight, like leggings, bikini shorts or tight underpants, for longer periods.
  • It is necessary to wipe the butt and vaginal regions using a soft, clean cloth after using the toilet every time.
  • It is best to avoid using hot tubs or saunas since this can result in infection spread.
  • Expecting mothers are also advised to avoid using non-reliable or low-quality feminine sanitary products like sprays, vaginal wash, etc.
  • Maintain good personal hygiene by bathing every day.
  • Doctors advise individuals to avoid using products like tampons and refrain from douching since these insertions can introduce foreign contagions into the human body.
  • It is also asked to avoid using scented soaps and other non-reliable bath products to avoid catching yeast infections.

Can Watery Discharge During Early Pregnancy Mean Miscarriage?

Discharge during the early stages of pregnancy or fetus development does not mean miscarriage. Watery discharge necessarily signifies a healthy vagina and high levels of estrogen secretion. This increased discharge can prevent foreign microbes or pathogens from entering the body.

In conclusion, in most of cases having a watery discharge during pregnancy is normal and should not be a cause for concern. However, if the discharge has an unpleasant smell or appears to have changed in colour or consistency, it may be indicative of an infection and medical attention should be sought. Ultimately, pregnant women should discuss any concerns they have with their healthcare provider to ensure that they are healthy throughout their pregnancy.

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Is it common to have watery discharge during pregnancy?

Watery discharge is not a matter of concern in most cases. This discharge can increase towards the conclusion of the 3rd trimester of the pregnancy. This discharge can contain blood or mucus, which is medically referred to as 'show'. The onset of 'show' usually means that the expecting mother is due soon.

How much watery discharge is normal during pregnancy?

Increased watery discharge is not a matter of concern during pregnancy. This sudden increase is usually due to changes in hormone secretions. But excessive discharge during the 3rd trimester can also mean premature leakage of amniotic fluid. Excessive leakage can also mean that the mother is likely to go into labour any time soon.

What is watery discharge during pregnancy?

Discharge during pregnancy is caused by multiple factors, some of which are listed below.

  • Variations in the vaginal and cervical regions due to pregnancy.
  • Increase in the levels of estrogen secretions.
  • Breaking of the water bag or amniotic sac at the early or later stages of pregnancy.
  • Leakage of amniotic fluid.
  • Medical issues wherein membranes rupture prematurely. This condition is often

confused with regular vaginal discharge or urine. Thus, it is recommended to examine this discharge by collecting the same on pads.

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