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Obstetrician & Gynecologist
21 Years
English, Hindi
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Dr. Sukirti Jain's professional portfolio is crowned with roles at some of India's most prominent maternity and fertility hospitals. She has expertise in managing high-risk pregnancies and adolescent health, treating gynaecological disorders, and performing laparoscopies, abdominal and vaginal hysterectomies, unilateral and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomies, and abdominal myomectomies. Dr. Jain is a member of the Maharashtra Medical Council.Dr. Sukirti Jain's professional portfolio is crowned with roles at some of India's most prominent maternity and fertility hospitals. She has expertise in managing high-risk pregnancies and adolescent health, treating gynaecological disorders, and performing laparoscopies, abdominal and vaginal hysterectomies, unilateral and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomies, and abdominal myomectomies. Dr. Jain is a member of the Maharashtra Medical Council.






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Dr. Sukirti Jain

Should I worry if periods stop suddenly? What could be the reason? I Dr. Sukirti Jain
"First of all there is no need to worry, we have to understand that everybody has a different menstrual pattern. Abnormal menstrual cycle through we call it a 28 day cycle, it may vary from patient to patient, form 21 day to 40 days. So first of all we have to understand your menstrual cycle. But if you feel that you have deviated from a normal menstrual cycle, we have to find out what exactly is the reason. Almost in every patient, the first thing that we rule out is pregnancy. Second thing can be a matter of stress. Stress can be due to your job, change in place, change in school, change in office, it can be lot of weight gain or it can be weight loss it can be the impact of medicines like oral contraceptive pills. Then we have to rule out both the places. We have to rule out polycystic ovaries on one hand and menopause at the other hand. Lastly, which is equally important is the presence of comorbid conditions that can affect your disease or menstrual cycle
Average age for Menopause and signs you are going through it I Dr. Sukirti Jain
"Menopause, as the word says it all, pausation of menstruation is known as menopause. So what exactly or when exactly is this menopause will happen is the question many females ask. They are worried and how do we come to know about it. menopause will vary from person to person and country to country and place to place, in India general menopause is age around 45 to 52 and there is a period atleast 7 to 10 years before menopause which is known as perimenopausal period where there are lot of symptoms and signs where the patients will understand that there are a lot of hormonal changes and they are likely to undergo a menopause in few years to come. So what are these signs and symptoms? One of them you might have noticed in your family, female aged around 40 to 45 years of age, you may find a lot of mood swings, you find them tried to find them irritated and you find them complaining about breast tenderness. So these are the things that warn us that we are approaching the menopausal age group. Other than that we can confirm that we are approaching menopause by few of the laboratory tests"
Are Menstrual Cups better than Tampons? I Dr. Sukirti Jain
"Menstrual cup are better than tampoons in two ways, you can say. First the way they act is collection rather than absorption. So when they are just collecting the menstrual fluid, they are just collecting the menstrual fluid, and not absorbing the normal vaginal fluid, so they are less chances of causing pain, irritation and dryness when you are using a menstrual cup. The second thing is there is less chances of toxic shock syndrome that is known with time with tampons for a long time. That is one thing; the second part is can the menstrual cup cause infection? Anything that is foreign body and that is entering the vain can cause infection but if we follow the hygiene and if we use soap before inserting the foreign body, that is the menstrual cup the chances of having infections due to menstrual cup are almost negligible. They have been reports of causing urinary tract infections , repeatedly in patients of menstrual cup. There has been logical reason behind it, sometimes when you use a cup size bigger than you require, it keeps on pressing the urethra permanently causing a retention of urine in the bladder and causing repeated infection. In such a case most of the time the problem is resolved by using a smaller type of cup"
Will a Menstrual Cup leak when full? Can Menstrual Cup cause infections? I Dr. Sukirti Jain
"Whenever we are shifting to a new thing, it might be a little difficult and it might be a little painful. So when a person is used to a pad or a smaller size tampon, you might find it initially painful. When folded correctly usually the menstrual cup are not so painful. As with everything a menstrual cup also has its learning curve. You can always find your own way of insertion and at the end of usage 2 to 3 times, it they become very comfortable to the patient. Whether you can use them during the sleep? Ofcourse you can use them during the sleep. what happens is when you place the menstrual cup into the vagina, a vacuum is created. So there is no chance of leakage or there is no chance of expelling of the menstrual cup, so you can easily place them overnight and they have an absorption power which can absorb the menstrual blood for 6 to 12 hours"
Sleeping with menstrual cup are they painful? I Dr. Sukirti Jain
"Many patients are asking questions whether it is safe to use a menstrual cup while sleeping. It is a device that is made of a flexible material. Once placed in, there is no place where it will be lost. It just collects the blood and the only thing you will feel is overnight if there is a bleeding which is collected in the menstrual cup, then you can use an additional pad . Otherwise it is very safe to keep the menstrual cup overnight. First anything which we learn new or we start using as a new attempt, you may find difficulty in using a new thing, and you may find it a bit painful also. But with your own method of pressing the menstrual cup, usually the process is pain free. As I told, everything has a learning curve. There is no correct or wrong method to use a menstrual cup. You just have to compress it into a cone or a C shaped and keep it and it takes its full form and usually it is not painful. Usually these are big enough and there are different sizes available depending on the need of the patient and ofcourse if it is full, it will leak, it is obvious. So usually a patient will understand their need after using it for a while and usually a menstrual cup can be kept for 6 to 12 hours. You can change a cup after 6 to 12 hours and if you feel that you are afraid that it will leak, you can keep an extra pad during the night time"
What is a Menstrual Cup? Is it safe to use Menstrual Cup? I Dr. Sukirti Jain
"Nowadays we get a lot of patients who are asking an alternative to a pad or a tampon and one of the alternative that has come into the market is a menstrual cup. Menstrual cup the advantage being, the availability in a reusable form. It is usually a funnel shape device that is made of a rubber or a silicon. The aim of a menstrual cup is to collect the blood. What was available in the past was a pad or a tampon. They was just absorbing the blood. So when a tampon was used, it not only absorbs the menstrual blood, it also absorbs the vaginal secretion, whereas the menstrual cup will absorb only the menstrual blood and being a reusable product it decreases the overall cost of the patient. It is much ecofriendly and the chances of infection are also minimal when used in the hygienic way"

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Dr. Sukirti Jain

Which city and centers, does Dr. Sukirti Jain practice at, on Cloudnine?

Dr. Sukirti Jain practices at Vashi, Mumbai

How can I book an appointment with Dr. Sukirti Jain?

You can book a consultation with Dr. Sukirti Jain via 'Cloudnine' app, through the Cloudnine website, a phone call on the customer care no, or directly from the hospital.

Why do people consult with Dr. Sukirti Jain?

Patients frequently visit Dr. Sukirti Jain for concerns like pregnancy, maternity, and gynecology consultations and treatments.

When can I book an appointment?

Anytime via 'Cloudnine' app or Cloudnine's website.

What is Dr. Sukirti Jain's education qualification?

Dr.Sukirti Jain has the following qualifications: MBBS, MD.

What is Dr. Sukirti Jain a specialist for?

Dr. Sukirti Jain is an OB-GYN specialist.

Dr. Sukirti Jain - Gynecologist, Mumbai - Book Appointment Online, Fees, Reviews, Contact Number | Cloudnine Hospitals

Dr. Sukirti Jain is the best gynecologist in Vashi, Mumbai, which is nearby Sanpada,Turbhe & Khairane. Book Appointment Online, View doctor fees, read user reviews and real patient feedbacks, Contact Number - 099728 99728. Dr. Sukirti is a Senior full time Consultant at Cloudnine Hospitals - Consult the best gynecology specialist nearby you. Dr. Sukirti Jain holds an MBBS and MD.

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