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Can You Plan a C-Section Delivery?

In the on-demand age that we live in, it’s perfectly natural for us to be inclined towards scheduling a delivery; whether it is for the weekly quota of groceries, a hearty meal, or an adorable little baby. While there’s usually little planning required for the former two, a baby is a different story altogether. Yet, an increasing number of women are opting to schedule their delivery via caesarean, despite being healthy enough to deliver naturally. While some women are intricately crafting ways to time their maternity leaves perfectly with the birth of their baby, others are planning their C-sections in the hope that they will be able to detour the pain associated with labour. Whatever the reason, many women are embracing C-sections by choice.

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Why More Women Are Opting for an Elective Caesarean

There are many reasons, ranging from practical to psychological, that may influence a woman’s decision to undergo a scheduled C-section. Some expectant moms aim to time their delivery with the beginning of their maternity leave, with the intention of maximising the months that they have off from work. In doing so, they are able to spend more time with their baby and arrange for help when it’s time to resume work.

Other moms-to-be may be wary of the pain tethered to natural labour, and may worry about some of the complications that could arise, such as incontinence, vaginal tearing and sexual dysfunction. But despite the fact that more expectant moms are favouring elective C-section deliveries, many doctors advocate waiting for nature to take its course.

Why a C-Section Procedure Is Perceived to Be More Convenient

Some women may feel that an elective C-section hands them the reigns of their delivery, shattering the unpredictability that comes along with labour. By knowing exactly when your little bundle will arrive, you may be able to plan for family help or arrange an assortment of other elements that could equip you better as a parent. Plus, the idea of a planned delivery can eliminate any anxiety brought on by the thought of any time, anywhere contractions, leaving you to celebrate those final few weeks to the fullest.

Limitations of a C-Section By Choice

While a C-section by choice may sound like the perfect ending to your pregnancy, there are limitations to the procedure. Here are some:

39-Week Threshold Even if you do opt for a C-section, you may be required to schedule your procedure after the 39-week mark. So, you need to be open to the possibility of your baby arriving before that threshold.

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Control Over the Procedure

A caesarean operation transfers much of the control of your delivery to your obstetrician and anesthesiologist, whereas, in a vaginal delivery, you’ll be in the driver’s seat.

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C-Section Recovery

A C-section can take a toll on your body, and in the days that follow, you must let your body heal while caring for your newborn. Typically, a caesarean delivery requires you to heal in the hospital for at least three days, and even after you go home, you may be advised to limit your physical exertion for a number of weeks. In some cases, the scar from surgery can cause discomfort while breastfeeding.

Also, research suggests that C-section deliveries often lead to more follow-ups in hospital in the weeks after. On Cloudnine, our ethos is deep-rooted in promoting natural births. Of course, every delivery on Cloudnine is unique, and your delivery method is always a product of your inputs and your doctor’s recommendations. We endeavour to create a delivery experience that’s best for you and your baby. And in doing so, we endeavour to leave you on Cloudnine, always.

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