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How To Get Periods Faster

October 19, 2022

A woman’s menstrual cycle is like clockwork. It occurs every month without fail. Yes, some women suffer from irregular menstrual cycles. For those who don’t have this issue, a lot of your plans can depend on when your periods plan to make their appearance every month.

Sometimes, you may want to reschedule your periods to ensure they don’t spoil certain plans. You may want to get done with your periods before you leave on that dream vacation you are planning for months. Sometimes, it could be for your fertility treatment. So, how do you do it? How to make your period come faster? Read on to know a few tips and tricks.

Can Periods Be Advanced?

The first question you need to answer here is – can you make your periods come faster? Well, yes, in some cases you can. Sometimes it may happen on its own due to various factors like:

1. Hormonal Fluctuations - A young teen who has just reached puberty might get her periods faster than anticipated. Her body is still adjusting to the new rush of hormones and the menstrual cycle is still in the setting process. It can take a few cycles for the periods to regularize into a cycle of a fixed number of days.

2. Perimenopause - Menopause is the other end of the puberty cycle. This is when the menstrual cycle comes to an end for a woman. While women are expected to reach this stage in their mid-40s or later, for some women it can happen earlier. In such a case, you can experience early periods or delayed periods that can leave you wondering “how to get your period faster”.

3. Intense Workouts - If your exercises have suddenly intensified or gone up a notch, they can disturb your cycle. You can get your periods early or sometimes even late.

4. Stress - Stress is another factor that can again cause your period to come early or late. Medications & Medical Issues– If you are on any blood thinners or birth control that is affecting the hormonal levels in your body, it can make your periods come earlier than usual. Medical issues like PCOS, endometriosis, diabetes and thyroid disease can also cause an early period.

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How To Get Periods Quickly

Now, let’s get to the main part – how to get periods faster. If you are not keen on using medications, then how to bring periods fast with simple home remedies?

1. Vitamin C

There is no scientific evidence behind this remedy. Vitamin C can increase estrogen levels in the body. A higher intake of Vitamin C can increase estrogen and reduce the progesterone in the body, thereby causing the uterus to contract and shed the lining.

You can try taking vitamin C supplements or increase the intake of foods rich in this vitamin. Please be warned a high intake of vitamin C can result in digestive issues. If you continue to do this, it can even lead to kidney stones.

2. Warm Bath

A warm bath can reduce your stress levels, open up your uterus and the muscles around it. Also, it increases the heat in your body and helps make your periods come faster. While it may not work for everyone, a warm bath can be a sure way to relax and distress!

3. Foods Rich in Estrogen

Certain foods that are rich in estrogen can induce early periods. You can try consuming more Soya, Flax Seeds, Garlic, Sesame Seeds, etc.

Consuming these ingredients in small quantities can help improve your health on various fronts but consuming too much of it in a short span to induce your periods might lead to unnecessary side effects.

4. Reduce Workouts

If you are training intensely for some sporting event or are working out more to achieve some results, you may want to cut back. Intense workouts can delay your periods and even cause you to skip a cycle. Dial back on those workouts to see if that is what is causing a delay in your periods.

Is it Safe To Prepone Periods?

While you are repeatedly asking how to get periods fast or how to bring periods immediately, is it safe to do so? Is it okay to tamper with your menstrual cycle?

Yes & No.

It is okay to prepone a period occasionally with medical guidance. But regularly tampering is not advisable.

If you want to know how to make the period come faster once, then it is okay. But if you want to know how to make the periods come faster every month or regularly, you need to consult a doctor.

Should I Consult A Doctor To Get Periods Quickly

If you are suffering from delayed or irregular periods regularly, and are trying to make your periods come faster, then you must consult your doctor. A qualified gynecologists' or OBGYN will investigate the issue and ask for relevant tests to identify the cause of delayed periods. They can also help you find medically sound solutions to make your periods come faster or more regularly.

As mentioned earlier, if your concern is “how to get periods fast” for just one cycle, then you may experiment with some lifestyle and food changes. however, if your “how to get periods immediately” is a more recurring query, you need medical guidance.

If you are looking to get your menstrual cycle in order and have more regular periods, you need a good doctor and a good healthcare centre that not only has sound knowledge about these issues but also the facilities to back up all the required tests and treatments.

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