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Helpful Apps for Your Pregnancy/Baby/Toddler

Handling pregnancy and parenting is truly a challenging task and if you are still lingering between taking care of your newborn and getting your own personal space, a small guideline might do the trick. With the advent of new technologies, your phones are not just a medium of communication but a strong source of information too. Whether you want to take some parenting assistance or want pregnancy guidelines, your phone can serve you in every way possible.

Yes, to solve all your queries pertaining to day-to-day parenting, there are endless apps that will help you in being a better mom. Apart from parenting, these apps also tell you the best ways to handle your pregnancy. So, let us have a look at all those apps which will ease down your journey from pregnancy to parenting.

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White Noise Baby

Do you want your baby to be quick with catching numerous sounds? If yes, here is a perfect app for you which can help your little peanut to be quick sound-learner. White noise baby is an app which has various sounds ranging from a car to vacuum cleaner that will make your baby acquainted with day-to-day sounds. This app is priced at just 1 dollar and can be found on Android and iOS platforms.


A pregnant woman can’t keep herself from worrying about the well-being of her expected child. To make your life easier, Nurture accompanies you at each and every stage of your pregnancy. From the baby size to your own health, mon-to be’s can use this platform to bid goodbye to their anxieties. This is a free app available for Ios and Android.

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The Wonder Weeks

Gaining widespread popularity among the new parents, this app helps you in getting the week-by-week update on the development of your child. So, even if your small peanut is not giving that playful kick from a few weeks, you need not worry. The Wonder Weeks will bring you a step closer to your little angel.

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Baby Bundle App

In the hectic life of today, you might miss out on some crucial activities of your baby. Tracking the routine activities of your toddler is now easy, thanks to the outstanding features of the Baby Bundle App which will help you in maintaining the track record of numerous activities including sleep time and vaccination. If you want to maintain a record for multiple babies, the app has a feature for it as well. Adding to its vitality are tools like parenting guide and breastfeeding timer. So, now a happy parenting journey is just a click away.

Milk Maid

Babies are fond of milk and it is necessary for a mother to know if her baby is getting the required amount of milk or not. If you have begun pumping milk for your newborn, this app is a must-have for you. The app is available on iOS and helps you to maintain a regular track record of your baby’s milk intake. From breast pumping to bottle feeds, one can save plentiful of information through this application.

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Even if you are not truly prepared for the entrance of a small baby into your life, the aforementioned apps will make things simpler for you. Whether your search is limited to the best pregnancy applications or the perfect parenting app, there is always a new thing you can learn through these apps. Not to forget the crucial role these apps can play in your life, as well as, in the life of your newborn So, install these useful apps and make the tricky 9-months and the journey ahead simpler and smoother.

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