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Having Sex During Periods - Is it Good or Bad?

April 17, 2023

A healthy woman gets a menstrual period every month during her reproductive years. Because you have a period does not mean that your sex life needs to be abandoned. But period sex has a set of challenges as well as many advantages, including providing relief from cramps. While there is nothing wrong with desiring sex during your period, you may have questions about whether it is okay from a medical point of view. Is it good to have sex during periods? Read below to learn more about it.

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Benefits of Sex During Periods

There are many pluses to having sex during your period. Listed below are some of its advantages:

As a Pain Reliever

If you are someone who has symptoms like depression, mood swings or cramping during menstruation, then having intercourse during this time may prove beneficial. That is because the body releases endorphins and feel-good hormones like dopamine and oxytocin. So it can reduce period symptoms like menstrual cramps. However, women with endometriosis may have more pain when they get their menstrual cycle and this along with the pain that happens during intercourse, can make it more painful. For such people, there are treatments that can help. So speak to your doctor to feel better.

Provides Lubrication

Can we do sex during periods? You can, if this is a question that's on your mind. When you engage in sex between periods, there is less need for lubricants. That is because the discharge during menstruation provides the necessary lubrication. However, if there is a need, one can opt for a water-based lubricant that is safe and also widely available.

Increases Libido

There are changes in your libido throughout the entire menstrual cycle. That is because of the fluctuation in hormones during this period. Many women tend to have a better sexual drive during ovulation, which usually happens two weeks prior to their periods, while there are others who see an increase during their menstruation.

Shorter Periods

Having sex during your period can make it shorter. Periods last as long as all the uterine contents are not pushed out. When you have intercourse, there are muscle contractions that send out the contents of the uterus faster. That results in shorter periods.

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Side Effects of Sex During Periods

The biggest challenge of having intercourse while menstruating is the possible mess that can happen. There can be blood on the sheets, especially when you have a heavy period. Apart from all the mess on the bed, it can make you conscious and spoil all the fun.

  • Even when you have periods, you can get infections like HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Is it safe to have sex during your period? Yes, but only if you practice safe intercourse. If you are infected, then you can transmit the infection to your partner as the pathogens may be present in the blood. Hence, it is essential to take proper safety measures.
  • Women are also more at risk of infections during this time of the month. The pH level in your vagina increases because of the high blood pH level and thus yeast can grow rapidly. So vaginal yeast infection symptoms can occur a few days before the start of your menstrual cycle and this can increase when there is intercourse.
  • After sexual activity, some women are also susceptible to urinary tract infections or UTIs. That is because the bacteria can travel to the bladder after sex and may happen at any time during the period.
  • If you are wondering Can I have sex while on my period wearing a tampon? No. It is recommended that you remove it before you get into any sexual activity. The tampon can get pushed deep into the vagina and you may have to see a healthcare professional to get it removed
  • Is sex during the period good or bad? It is all up to you as there are benefits as well as challenges. But it is highly recommended that you use protection to prevent STIs. Also, since you too can transmit it to your partner it is best to be safe and use some form of protection.

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Risk of Pregnancy

If you are not trying to conceive, then using protection is ideal, irrespective of what day of your period you are in. There are chances of getting pregnant. While the chances of conceiving are low during your menstrual cycle, you can still have an unwanted pregnancy. The best chance of getting pregnant is during ovulation, which happens two weeks before the start of the period. Note that this may vary as every woman’s menstrual cycle is different and also the length can vary monthly. The risk of getting pregnant for a woman with a short menstrual cycle is high.

Also, the Sperm is likely to be alive for 49-72 hours in the body. If you have a 22-day cycle and you ovulate after your period, there is a likelihood of the egg getting released while the sperm is still alive in the reproductive tract. So if someone says that having sex on the 5th day of a period is safe without protection. Think again!

To conclude, remember that it is not dirty or shameful to have intercourse during the period. There is nothing wrong with it, as it is perfectly natural. But the bottom line is that both you and your partner should be comfortable and have an open conversation without assuming anything.

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1.  Should we avoid sex during periods?

It is safe to have sex during your period, but it can get messy sometimes. Like other things involved in your periods, you can do anything you want to, but you should be prepared. It is also best to tell your partner that you have periods so they can prepare.

2. Can sex during menstruation make you pregnant?

Yes. It is possible that sex during menstruation can get you pregnant. It is possible to get pregnant when you have intercourse during or before ovulation. A menstrual cycle can be shorter or longer and averages about 25 to 30 days. If the menstrual cycle is shorter, then there is a high chance of getting pregnant when you have sex during your period.

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