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Do's And Don’ts During The Three Trimesters

The joy of pregnancy is immense, especially for the first time moms. The thought of having a beautiful child of your own fills life with a lot of aspirations and happiness. A woman undergoes 9 months of tough carrying to deliver that happiness.

Hence during pregnancy she not only needs support; but care along with guidance on everything, she needs to know what she should and shouldn’t do.

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Begin this journey with the knowledge and awareness of things that a woman needs to do. Being careful from the first trimester ensures a healthy pregnancy throughout. It is necessary to plan out, what needs to be done to be in control from the start to the finish.Seek Advice By The Best Maternity Specialist In Bangalore.

1. First trimester Do’s

Woman in her First Trimester[/caption]All the preparations begin with the first trimester. As a woman’s body prepares for pregnancy, she needs to take more than one step to ease her journey when her body and mind are about to experience the real change.

  • Take your vitamins

When pregnant, there are certain vitamins that the body needs more than others according to the baby’s developmental needs. A pregnant woman should consume the right vitamins to ensure the baby is developing well.

  • Pick your doctor well

It is best to choose the doctor beforehand right during the first trimester even though the routine visits would start towards the end of the first trimester. It is also important to choose a doctor with whom you are comfortable, and can share all your thoughts and apprehensions instead of keeping them bottled away in your mind, adding to unnecessary stress.

  • Eat healthy

It’s necessary to change one’s dietary habits to healthy ones, so that the baby and the mothers’ body are well nourished. A pregnant woman should consume healthy and balanced diets at regular intervals.


When a woman discovers that she is pregnant, she plunges into a list of things she needs to do, eat healthy, sleep healthy, light exercise, scheduling visits and the list is exhaustive. But the don’ts in pregnancy can’t be emphasized enough. Studies show that around 30 to 40 % of miscarriages occur due to problems during the early development of the foetus. In addition, many factors can cause abnormalities in the foetus.

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2. First Trimester Nos!

Woman in her Second Trimester 80% of miscarriages occur during the first trimester. That is why, care during the first 13 weeks of pregnancy is vital. It is important to avoid everything that can cause damage to the foetus, so the no’s of the first trimester are more than any other and continue along pregnancy.

  • Goodbye Alcohol

Alcohol can expose a foetus to many risks like low birth weight, liver issues etc. It can also lead to serious health problems due to foetal alcohol spectrum disorder, which might result in heart defects and behavioural disorders.

  • Quit the Smoke – Whether Active or Passive!

Smoking is a definite no. Smoking can result in miscarriages and SIDS. Foetus is also exposed to the risk of low birth weight, premature birth and respiratory problems. Smoking as such is not good for personal health and it can be very hazardous to the baby and affect its development. Even though you might not be a smoker, exposure to passive smoke also can be harmful. In such cases you need to either ask the people in your vicinity/family to stop smoking in your presence or change your environment pronto.

  • Cut Caffeine

High intake of caffeine can pose the risk of premature birth and can even lead to a possible miscarriage. The daily intake of caffeine must not exceed 200 milligrams. It is even better to avoid it completely as it can cause other disturbances too, like lack of sleep and heartburns. Consult your doctor for suitable caffeine consumption.

  • No to drugs

Drugs likes cocaine, skunk and ecstasy stand as a constant risk to the foetus. They can lead to serious abnormalities in the foetus and many other complications. Drugs pass through the placenta and are also incorporated into the baby’s system, which in turn is not healthy for the baby’s development.

  • Cook it through

Eating healthy is important in pregnancy, but it is also necessary to avoid some eatables. Pregnant women need to avoid foods like raw fish, raw egg, raw milk etc. This is because they can contain some bacteria that can be harmful for the developing foetus.

3. Second trimester Do’s

A Woman in her Third Trimester[/caption]The discomforts that a woman experiences during the first trimester will ease in the second. Though certain other discomforts surface.

  • Exercise

Exercising is a necessary part of healthy lifestyle. However, precautions need to be taken to avoid practicing exercises that may harm the baby. Light exercises are good for both the mother and the baby.

  • Shop

There will be more time to spare during the second trimester, and the would be moms health and discomforts ease during this time. So all the much-needed baby and mommy shopping can be done during this time

  • Moisturize

A pregnant woman’s belly stretches a lot in a short span of time during the second trimester. Keeping the belly moisturized helps reduce stretch marks and itching that may result due to stretching.

  • Child care classes

This is also the time to attend childcare classes. During the third trimester, a woman will probably get busy with birth and breast-feeding classes. So childcare classes, which are a must, can be taken now.

4. Second Trimester Nos!

As the pregnancy progresses, the risk of miscarriage reduces. Care and caution, however is necessary throughout pregnancy. At this stage of development, one must care not to expose the foetus to possible dangers resulting in abnormal or retarded growth.

  • Avoid heatstroke

Heatstroke can cause deep exhaustion to not only the mother but can even be harmful for the baby as oxygen processing reduces significantly.

  • Quit jobs that are pregnancy hazardous

Certain jobs can be pregnancy hazardous involving chemicals that can either directly or indirectly harm the foetus. In order to avoid the chemicals, the mother might even have to quit her job.

  • Environmental toxins

Avoid coming into contact with toxins that can introduce bacteria and virus into your system. This may be from gardening, or handling pet litter.

  • Diagnostic procedures

Pregnant ladies must let their doctors know they are pregnant in order to avoid certain diagnostic procedures that can harm the baby. X-rays are a common avoid.

  • Dentist

Linked to diagnostic procedures are dental visits. It is better to avoid all dental procedures until after delivery as dental x-rays and some dental medication can be harmful for the foetus.

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5. Third trimester Do’s

As labour closes in, it’s time to prepare everything from the body to the house. A woman needs more time to relax, as her pregnancy journey is coming to an end, but only to begin a new one- being a mom. However, the anticipation is bound to make the mother work more than she would like to.Know more- Trimester Wise Pregnancy Tips.

  • Baby moving

In this trimester, the necessary track for any complication can be through monitoring baby’s movements. To ensure things are smooth, baby’s movement patterns can be observed and discussed with the doctor.

  • Birth club

Joining a birth club is one of the best ways to prepare for labour and after birth. It helps women to connect with others who are like them. This social set up helps in educating and exchanging knowledge and ideas.

  • Kegel a lot

Kegel exercises are believed to help in child birth as it prepares the pelvic floor for stretching and strengthens the muscles. These exercises must especially be increased during the third trimester.

  • Pack your bags

It’s time to pack your bags as labour can call anytime. In order to be ready for this big event, a woman needs to pack things she may require during labour and immediately after birth. Some important things are an extra pair of inner wears, socks, comfort pillows etc.

  • Prepare your home

It is also necessary to prepare the house for the new member as making these preparations beforehand can ease the stress and calm the mother’s mind.

6. Third Trimester Nos!

During the third trimester, there is a great risk of pre-term labour. As discomfort from a growing baby anchors the mother; all she wants to do is relax.

  • Don’t run

Of course, women can’t really run during the third trimester. Women should avoid over-working in any form. Whether it is exercise, household work or job, stress and exhaustion must be kept at bay.

  • Dehydration

Proper hydration is very important. It is necessary to avoid dehydration as it can cause UTI’s. Severe UTI’s can even be lethal for the mother and also pose risk of infection to the baby.

  • Avoid Stress

Avoiding extreme stress is necessary in all the three trimesters. It can cause abnormalities in the baby early in pregnancy and result in premature labour later on.Most of these prohibitions span throughout the pregnancy, but care needs to be taken according to the most important don’ts based on the foetal development. Also, stumbling upon these by mistake does not necessarily mean your baby is at risk, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.Pregnancy is a great experience that a woman goes through and a life-changing event for the parents. The arrival of this little bundle of joy is definitely worth all the trouble!Must read - Know The Answers To Questions About The Three Trimesters.

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