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Dear Women!! Here is why you need to take special care in your journey of a girl to women

March 8, 2022

O womaniya! You are a wonderful creation by God but you are often misunderstood in terms of strength. You are always considered physically weaker than man. But the truth is you are so strong to deal with all the challenges which happens in women’s life from dealing the pain every month to deal with the pain at the birth. 

Here is why you need special care!! 

Now talking of “Women Health” why they need special care reason being somethings are special to her like menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, lactation and menopause.  Therefore at each stage her body undergo various physical and physiological changes which if not given right treatment at right time can affect her health. So a simple assessment and customized exercise plan or manual techniques can help in prevention of such health issues. 

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  • Menstruation: Let’s start from the beginning of onset of menstruation. Many young girls suffer from PCOD, PCOS or Dysmenorrhea, But they doesn't know what to do with these conditions. Later they may develop endometriosis and that further can affect the fertility. So it becomes vicious cycle. They may become over weight and have a tendency for musculoskeletal pains and aches. Being overweight exercising become a challenge to lose weight adding on if you suffer any pains it becomes even more difficult. You should never hesitate to meet a Physiotherapist. Also girls with PCOD, PCOS or endometriosis have a tendency of tight pelvic floor muscles. If not treated can lead to vaginismus.

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  • Fertility:  Even to enhance fertility, specific exercise are required to increase the blood circulation to the uterus. Also a healthy weight is required. Misaligned pelvis can also become a reason for pain because of which person is not able to exercise. 

  • Pregnancy & post-partum: Pregnancy and post postpartum are the most important phase of women’s life where her body undergo a lot of changes. Pregnancy leads to weakened abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles. Further childbirth also has an impact on pelvic floor muscles leading to their dysfunction. Women may experiences mild to severe urinary incontinence after the birth. But it shouldn’t be ignored. Having such issues if ignored may reoccur in later part of life. One shouldn’t feel embarrassed while addressing these issues.


  • Postpartum:  In postpartum early core muscle activation is important so that you are able to regained the strength which you have lost. Also it is important to visit a physiotherapist to rule out diastasis recti. It is condition where abdominals are not properly healed leading to gap in the midline. This gives a loose and saggy appearance to the abdomen. Now also because of it one may experience low back pain. 

  • Lactation: Then comes the phase of lactation which is another challenge in her life. In early days breastfeeding may takes around 20- 45 mins that means the mother has to be one position for that much time.  If the posture is not correct then she may experience neck, back or wrist pains. It is important to be aware about posture correction. Sometimes if the mother is not able to feed properly she may have breast engorgement. Therapeutic ultrasound is a physiotherapy modality which can help in reducing the pain and engorgement.

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During menopause, the women may experience pelvic floor dysfunction, uterine prolapse or osteoporosis. With this we conclude that it’s a game of hormones and best way to balance your hormones is to increases your physical activities. Even as per research it is seen that exercises increases the dopamine levels in the brain which reduces the stress and depression. Therefore, physiotherapy can help in women throughout their life span.

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