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Breastfeeding may seem natural, like how many would feel of childbirth, but this too requires training, knowledge and patience to excel in it.

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In my experience of over two decades as a Lactation expert, I have seen most are not aware that six months of only breast milk has to be given to the infant as the only food.  Most mothers stop at three months or five months citing various reasons. The real purpose of recommending only breast milk in the initial months of newborn life is that only 80% of the intestine is developed, so the earlier the introduction of solid foods, the more problems the baby is going to face in terms of digestion.

Also, the bonding of the mother and baby can be of immense value at this stage when the baby starts recognizing the mother’s touch and care the best. The encouragement for breastfeeding should be done during the pregnancy period itself by the Obstetrician and the family.

This would make the mother prepared for giving her time to the baby. I see that very often new mothers are not interested in breastfeeding over a stipulated time frame as they feel it hindrances their freedom.

However in the case for any medical reason, one is not able to breastfeed the baby, then only look for the second alternative. Pregnant women need to be aware that they should take enough fluids throughout pregnancy, be active and be in a very positive frame of mind to carry this positive feeling once the baby is born.

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For those who want to get back to work early, try and store breast milk in suitable milk bottles or at best postpone your work if possible for some time. A child’s life will not come back, however, if you are talented you can surely get back to work.

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New mothers, please remember this phase of being with the baby will be one of the most treasured moments of your life. Do not give in to milk bottles easily, unless it is a necessity as the baby then would prefer bottles than having a direct feed from the mother.

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Wishing every new mother a happy breastfeeding phase.

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Wishing every new mother a happy breastfeeding phase.

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