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Baby shower in times of social distancing

Baby shower, a traditional and customary ritual that prepares a woman for motherhood. This joyous occasion brings families together, as the parents prepare for the momentous milestone of welcoming their bundle of joy into the world. However, since we are all facing a global crisis, we have to maintain social distance for our well-being. But the spirit of a baby shower shouldn’t be dampened because of the same. 

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Let your creative ideas soar to celebrate your much deserved baby shower. Here are some unique ways of celebrating a baby shower amidst COVID-19, while following social distancing norms:

1. A drive-by baby shower! 

A driving parade of the guests by the expecting parents home, at a scheduled time can be your perfect solution for a baby shower amidst social distancing. Your guests can decorate their cars with balloons filled with confetti, wave and wish you well with cheers from a distance. You, as s host can set up a to-go snacks package for your guests! Your guests can even drop-off baby shower gifts at a counter where you can be projected on a large screen and your guests can click pictures of handing the gifts over to you. 

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2. An intimate baby shower

A small and intimate gathering with close friends and family, can observe your baby shower traditions while maintaining social distance.  Ensure that the guests arriving are vaccinated You can liven up the place of the shower with fun themed decorations. Homemade food, desserts or light snacks along with beverages or desserts can be offered to the guests. This shower can be a cozy set up with friends and family sharing parenting experiences and fun stories.

3. A baby shower-outdoors

An open venue for a baby shower where social distancing can be maintained is definitely a better option to celebrate a baby shower. Seating areas can be set up following proper distances in decorated tents. Snacks and beverage trays can be set up in each tent. Use disposable plates and cutleries. Ensure that physical contact like hugs and handshakes are avoided to limit the risk and that everyone wears masks. While sending invitees, make sure to mention that guests need to be vaccinated for physical presence. 

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4. A virtual baby shower

In these unprecedented times, a virtual baby shower is the most safe way to celebrate your baby shower. Online mediums can be used to send out invitations. By joining links for a live video feed, your guests can be a part of this joyous occasion. The area for the live feed can be decorated with balloons, lights and colour themed backgrounds. Make sure the link is sent beforehand, so that your guests can be prepared for the scheduled time, in advance. Virtual games and activities can be included to keep the  party engaging and more fun. Gifts for the mom to be can be delivered to your home beforehand so that they can be unwrapped during the live video feed. In the same way, you can arrange for food packages to be delivered to the homes of your guests. A virtual baby shower can be a perfect way to celebrate this joyous occasion while maintaining social distancing and safety norms. 

The times are no doubt difficult for all of us. However, prioritizing the well-being of the expecting mother, her family, and friends is of utmost importance. These ideas for a baby shower are social distance friendly and are a great way to keep the spirit of the tradition alive.

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