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Enjoying Motherhood

December 3, 2020

It is a lot of learning and responsibility attached when you are a mom I Being a mother is the toughest role a woman plays in her life. There know for a fact that being a mother is not e The one who usually influences a child the most. It's just not easy to be a mom. At least not until you become one, like my mom says, (whenever I irritate her) "Jab khud maa banogi tab pata chalega". I can't really say that I know what it is to be a mother but I came pretty close to it when I got this brilliant opportunity to play a mother .6 years old son "Sidh"... my goals with soul – for my life as a mom....I don’t have to be The Best Mom – I just have to be the best mom I can be for my little son, and that’s what matters most....