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All About Adolescent and Pediatric Gynecology

Gynecology is the area of medicine that deals with the female reproductive system. In most cases, gynecology is paired with obstetrics, which deals with pregnancy and related issues. When you experience female reproductive problems, it is recommended to seek the advice of a gynecologist. When you are pregnant, you consult an obstetrician. Whom do you consult for your adolescent daughter when she attains puberty or faces issues during this transition stage?

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What is Adolescent Gynecology?

Adolescence is the transition period from a child to an adult. It involves both physical and psychological changes. Adolescence is a phase of life during which both boys and girls experience significant changes in their physical and mental development.

Adolescent gynecology deals with gynecological problems experienced by adolescents who are no longer children but not adults. The issues they face are slightly more complex and may not require traditional treatments like adults.

The Role Of An Adolescent Gynecologist

Adolescent gynecologists are trained further after their education in the field of gynecology. There is no single approach to teenage patients. The examinations will vary from patient to patient, depending on their physical and mental maturity.

Some girls in the early adolescent stage may want their mothers to be by their side during an examination. Older, more mature girls may perform better on tests if given privacy without their parents’ presence. Some may not want their mothers in the examination room.

The role of an adolescent gynecologist will include –

  • Educating about sexuality, eating disorders, dating violence, consent, etc.
  • Education regarding preventive care, contraceptives, and basic sexual hygiene.
  • Information about HPV vaccine as adolescents are the most vulnerable population for HPV-related cervical dysplasia.
  • Discussing menstruation, menstrual disorders, anovulation, excess bleeding and irregular periods.
  • Checking for polycystic ovarian syndrome as it can develop in early puberty and its consequences extend into adulthood.
  • Addressing complaints regarding the reproductive system and checking for endometriosis. Early diagnosis of endometriosis can prevent fertility-related issues in adulthood.
  • Addressing stress-induced gynecological problems such as menstrual dysfunction, discomfort during periods, physical changes during puberty, etc.

The Need For Adolescent Gynecology

Won’t a regular gynecologist do? Is there a need for pediatric or adolescent gynecology?

All these years, a gynecologist would handle any issues related to the female reproductive system, irrespective of age. However, with more awareness and identification of problems today, adolescents also need gynecological care. The gynecological issues children and adolescent girls face today are very complex. They can be physically and mentally challenging. Issues surrounding sexual orientation, gender identity, and self-discovery are increasingly prevalent today. Teenagers face challenges with social media overload, peer pressure, and misinformation. An adolescent gynecologist aims to fill this gap by providing medically sound advice and guidance.

Due to the immaturity and sensitivity of the patients today, the medical professional handling or addressing the issue should be knowledgeable and empathetic, too.

How To Find The Right Adolescent Gynecologist?

When you are on the lookout for a pediatric and adolescent gynecology specialist, here are a few pointers:

  1. Age – It does not matter if a doctor is young or old as long as they possess the necessary skills and knowledge for consultation. However, teenagers may feel uneasy if the doctor is significantly older than them. They may not feel comfortable to ask all their doubts or get relevant treatment. Similarly, a very young doctor may not have the experience or patience to handle prepubescent or pubescent girls.
  2. Experience – A doctor’s experience in the relevant field matters. Check if this adolescent gynecologist has experience handling adolescents. Their expertise will help them bond better with the patient, gain their trust, and put them at ease to discuss sensitive issues.
  3. Communication – Since adolescent girls may feel shy, the doctor should be someone they are comfortable communicating with. Young girls may not discuss their issues if the doctor is intimidating or curt.
  4. Empathy – The girls who come to adolescent gynecologists are sensitive, possibly shy, and too nervous to discuss private issues with a doctor. A good adolescent gynecologist should be an empathetic listener.
  5. Non-judgmental attitude – Sex education is essential for young girls. Young girls should learn about their bodies and how they work, even if they’re not sexually active. The doctor educating them should be non-judgmental and open to clear all their doubts.

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With the increased awareness about gynecological problems at a young age, there is a need for pediatric and adolescent gynecology. These doctors are well-trained and experienced in gynecology and undergo further training to handle this transition-age population. Finding the right adolescent gynecologist can be very helpful for growing young girls.

1. What is an adolescent gynecologist ?

An adolescent gynecologist is specially trained to handle pre-teens and adolescents – a group of young adults who are not children anymore but not adults. This group also experiences numerous physical changes.

2. What is pediatric gynecology?

Pediatric gynecology is a branch of medicine that deals with gynecological issues in young children and babies. It deals with gynecological problems till the teens.

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