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A Star is Born! What Shall We Call It?

December 3, 2020

A Star is Born! What Shall We Call It?

Our romance with Bollywood celebrities seldom stops at just watching all their films. We like to follow their every move, from what they eat to where they eat it; from what they wear to what they read. There are many among us, although many may not admit so, who are obsessed with every little idiosyncrasies of our matinee idols.

An obvious extension of this behavior of ours is the excitement associated with the naming of their babies. The celebrities themselves, at least most of them, seem to be aware of the pressure riding on their shoulders regarding the naming of their ‘bundles of joy’ and they take it pretty seriously. And they should, for as far as Bollywood’s history is concerned, we have seen how high the chances are of starlets becoming stars in their own right. The ‘Kapoor’ dynasty and the ‘Deol’ dynasty are testimony to this fact.

When Shahrukh Khan named his son Aryan, more than a handful of kids were given this name. Now, that Ranbir has become a household name, a lot of households have kids named Ranbir. Unusual names are brought to the limelight this way as was the case with Ajay Devgan- Kajol’s daughter Nysa or Sushmita Sen’s adopted daughters Renee and Alisah. Imran has always been a popular name for Muslim kids but it saw a surge in popularity post the success of Imran Khan.

The latest buzz, as most of us know, is around the naming of Abhishek-Aishwarya Bachchan’s newly born daughter. The name ‘Beti B’ seems to have struck a chord with the masses for now until the couple decides on a name. However, one thing is certain- there are many yet unborn kids, who are likely to share their name with the Big B’s grand-daughter. And they say, ‘what’s in a name?’!


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