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8 Ways to Prepare for Natural Birth

During pregnancy, one of the biggest concerns and fears for the expecting mother is childbirth. Most women worry about how they will deliver their baby - will it be natural or assisted? If you are keen on having a natural childbirth, you need to prepare your body for it. You can increase your chances of a natural birth with a few tips and guidance.

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What is Natural Birth?

Natural birth is when you deliver your baby without any medical intervention or assistance like forceps, vacuum, or epidural. When you let the body take the natural route and give birth in its own time, it is a natural birth.

Natural birth can be a regular vaginal delivery in the hospital, at your home, or even in water. Water births are quite common and are gaining popularity in many countries.

What are the Chances of A Natural Birth?

About 85% of pregnant women stand a chance to have a natural birth. The other 15% may face complications due to underlying health conditions, complications that arise during pregnancy, or previous surgeries, which may require a cesarean delivery. With some care, professional guidance, and close monitoring of the expecting mother's health, a natural birth is a definite possibility.

Is Natural Birth Difficult?

Natural birth, as the name suggests, is the most natural method of birthing a child. However, it is not easy. Natural childbirth involves a lot of pain, discomfort and uncertainty. For some women, natural birth may be very difficult or unsafe. Some situations where a doctor might not recommend or support a natural birth are:

  • Pelvis is too small for the baby
  • Big baby
  • Active infections
  • Issues in the placenta
  • Baby not receiving enough oxygen
  • Baby is in a breech position
  • History of a cesarean delivery with a vertical cut
  • Expecting multiples.

Tips for Normal Delivery

If you are wondering, "How can I increase my chances of normal delivery?" or "How can I prepare my body for a natural pregnancy?" here are 8 tips you can try. These tips can help increase your chances of having a natural childbirth:

1. Be Active

The first and foremost requirement for a healthy pregnancy and normal delivery is your physical body. Pregnancy can relax your joints and reduce your movements. This is not ideal for a normal delivery.

Keep moving and exercise regularly after getting your doctor's approval. Regular exercises will keep you fit and strong for the delivery, prevent unnecessary health complications during pregnancy and maintain weight gain.

2. Prenatal Classes

Sign up for some prenatal classes. In these classes, you will learn what to expect when labour starts, understand the pregnancy and delivery process, and learn to breathe during active labour. You can also find your community for moral support.

3. Relax

Staying relaxed throughout pregnancy and labour is an important part of natural birth. Learn relaxing techniques that you can use when you are in active labour or when unexpected complications arise. When you are relaxed, you can think better and go through labour without panicking.

4. Eat Right

Pregnancy brings about several cravings and aversions. You need to find the right balance and ensure your diet is nutritious. Eating right will also reduce the chances of health conditions that can arise later in pregnancy. You can reduce the risks of deficiencies and diabetes.

If your food aversions or morning sickness prevents you from getting all the essential nutrients, talk to your doctor and get supplements.

5. Monitor Health Conditions

It is important to monitor your health throughout your pregnancy. When there are no health complications, the chances of an emergency are minimal. Some health issues like gestational hypertension or diabetes, low-lying placenta, etc., can lead to a cesarean delivery.

6. Mental Preparation

One of the most important factors of a successful natural birth is your state of mind. Childbirth can be painful and scary for many women. The key is to accept it. Read about it, go to classes, talk about it, and get all your doubts clarified. When you are clear about the entire process, prepare your mind for it.

When you are mentally ready to face it, very little can go out of your control. There won't be any last-minute panicking, and you can go through a natural delivery successfully.

7. Make Your Birth Plan

There are different ways to give birth. First, learn your options. You can choose from the Lamaze technique, hypnosis, water birth, etc. Do your research on these techniques, ask your doubts, and get a clear idea of all the options available to you. Find a facility with sufficient experience and professionals to help you with the chosen method or technique.

When you have a solid birth plan, it is easy to go through labour. Even in case of unexpected contractions or if you go into labour early, you can tell your doctor your plan.

8. Find The Right Team

For a successful natural birth, you need the right team. You need a midwife who can give you advice for natural birth and a doctor who is ready to wait for the natural birth and give it the required time.

You will also need a partner, family member, or a friend who knows your birth plan and ideas. They will be your voice when you are in labour. Choose someone who can put up with your stressed self and morally support you.

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The birth of a child is a beautiful experience. No matter how well you prepare yourself, it is only partially under your control. With some guidance, effort, and preparations, you can drastically increase your chances of a natural birth.


1. How can I deliver a baby without pain?

If you are keen on a pain-free delivery, you can always opt for an epidural anesthesia. An epidural can help manage the pain during the delivery time. However, you will need time to recover from the delivery. Talk to your doctor to identify the most suitable options for you.

2. How do I prepare my body for a natural birth?

For a natural birth, you should exercise regularly throughout pregnancy, eat right, and monitor your health closely. You need to prepare your body both physically and mentally to go through a natural birth successfully.

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