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Antenatal Classes (ANC) at CloudNine Care

Dates: November 5th and December 10th, 2011

Contact Us: Call +91 9972899728 now to confirm participation

We understand how much your pregnancy means to you and how it can become overwhelming at times, especially when you do not have the correct information to guide you. To make sure that you are never left wanting for information we regularly organize antenatal classes.

Pregnancy is not an illness, but wellness. It is a totally different reason to go to the doctor. Pregnancy changes your body beyond your imagination. Antenatal classes provide the information regarding pregnancy, childbirth, options available and the opportunity to ask all those little questions you were too embarrassed to ask or forgot to ask your caregiver. They also attempt to reduce the myths surrounding pregnancy. Antenatal classes are time well invested, and there is plenty of evidence to suggest that women cope better with their labor if they have attended antenatal classes.

Antenatal sessions at CloudNine are for anyone who is eligible despite whatever hospital they have chosen to deliver in. Most people ask why to go to birth and parenting classes when it is all supposed to be natural. It’s simple really, you wouldn’t drive a car without having classes first; the fear would be too great; same too with birth. Every pregnancy and birth is unique, everyone has questions and fears about birth and becoming a parent - our antenatal classes, conducted by a specialized team, are here to address those worries. We encourage both partners to attend these classes.

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This one day programme is usually held at a venue centrally located in the city and is from 9.30 am to 3.00pm at Taj Gateway. This quarter, we are organizing antenatal classes on the following dates: November 5th and December 10th, 2011.

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1. Why do I need to attend Cloud Nine Antenatal sessions?

We at Cloud nine ensure you get the best information from our expert panel of consultants where you are updated on care during pregnancy, stages of labor, options for pain-free labor, exercise, diet, relaxation during pregnancy, yoga during pregnancy, why you need to be happy during pregnancy amongst others.

2. Who are the people who will be guided through the session?

Dr. Kishore who is the CEO and MD of Cloud nine care hospital will primarily brief you on the care to be taken during pregnancy and will be answering your queries. He is a global neonatologist and a renowned speaker on topics related to motherhood and even brief on myths during pregnancy.

Along with him, a strong support team will be present including a dietician, lactation expert, yoga expert, stem cell care consultant and a gynaecologist who will guide you through the myths surrounding pregnancy. Also, a brief overview of a short Lamaze session will be given and a checklist as a ready reckoner to help bring a few things to the hospital at the time of delivery.

3. Is the session open only for Cloud nine would-be mums?

No. The good news is that antenatal session at Cloud nine is open to anyone who is pregnant and the couple can attend despite the hospital they have chosen for the baby to be delivered.

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4. So should my husband come along or can I get my mother or mother in law?

Ideally, we believe that the childbirth process should be experienced as a couple and hence we recommend the husband to come along than any other family member. These sessions offer would-be fathers a new perspective of motherhood, his role and why his support is required during the childbirth process. Again for the topic of Lamaze session, it is better if the spouse is present than anyone else along with the mum to be. In exceptional cases some other family member can be accommodated.

5. Why should I attend these classes when I can get much of the information from the Internet or my regular gynaecologist?

Internet no doubt gives you the information but any personal clarification or tailor-made sessions are not possible through browsing on the net. For that, it is recommended that you attend good antenatal classes and get your answers from the right team of experts. Again your gynaecologist may answer many queries but to answer every little query is a feat that is hard to manage. Therefore it is better if you attend a session that gives the right information in easy to understand the module. Moreover, you will be meeting many other would-be mothers and you can bond in a different way.

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6. What are the topics that will be covered under Cloudnine crash course antenatal session?

  • Process of pregnancy- a brief overview of the trimesters
  • Body changes that take place in pregnancy and overview of labor stages
  • Options available for a pain-free delivery.
  • Good nutrition
  • Yoga during pregnancy
  • Why it is important to be happy during pregnancy
  • If you are working how you need to take care of yourself and the baby
  • Exercise during pregnancy and taking care of your back.
  • Relaxation methods
  • Preparation for childbirth – natural and caesarean mode of delivery.
  • Learning the art of proper massage for your baby
  • Benefits of breastfeeding
  • Stem cell and if you are interested in how you can book for it right away.

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These are just a few topics that are covered. There are more related topics to pregnancy that await you to come and listen to them and implement them.

7. Where do I contact to book for my antenatal session?

You can book your seats by contacting our landline number 080 40202222 and get in touch with our PRO or email at We will get in touch with you shortly post receipt of the mail.

Hope this clarified a few doubts. To learn more, we hope to see you guys on above-mentioned dates at the following address: Taj Gateway, Residency Road (Opposite Galaxy Theater), Bangalore.

Let’s come together and celebrate life!

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