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6 Months Pregnant – Symptoms & Baby Growth

April 13, 2023

A woman’s body changes constantly throughout her pregnancy. The changes start happening on the inside even before she realizes she is pregnant. As the pregnancy progresses, the baby will also grow and change continuously. Let’s take a look at the changes a woman might experience when she is 6 months pregnant.

What Should I Expect at 6 Months Pregnant

When you enter your 6th month of pregnancy, you are getting closer to the end of your second trimester. Many women feel much better and stronger during their second trimester. This is because the hormonal fluctuation settles a little, enabling them to eat better, and the baby is not big enough to hinder movement yet.

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As an expecting mother, you may experience the following around the sixth month of your pregnancy:

1. Health – Many women say they are at the best of their health in the second trimester. The morning sickness reduces and they can eat well again, giving them more energy and a better ability to manage the changes happening on the inside.

2. Aches & Pains – As the baby’s weight increases, the pressure on your back will increase. Your increasing body weight might add pressure to your ankles and leg joints. Exercising and stretching regularly can help.

3. Swelling – In addition to the pain, your feet may swell too. Your body releases a hormone called relaxing during pregnancy. This hormone loosens your ligaments, thus reducing your stability and balance. So, even doing your regular day-to-day activities may require more effort from you.

4. Posture – As the weight increases in the front, it is natural for your back to curve, to retain the balance when you move. If you don’t consciously correct this, it can lead to back aches and a change in your overall posture too.

5. Digestion – You may start experiencing heartburn and indigestion as everything slows down on the inside. You may feel hungry sooner than before as your body is burning more calories to meet the baby’s demands. But you may need to eat more frequent and smaller meals to satiate the appetite without pressurizing your digestive system.

6. Mood SwingsHormonal fluctuations can make you feel happy one minute and make you want to cry the next. You may not have full control over your emotions, leading to unexpected emotional outbursts. Ensure you take a break to collect yourself and accept this as a part of your pregnancy.

7. Baby Kicks – Your baby is getting bigger and stronger. You can feel their strong kicks more frequently. Your baby may react to different positions, what you eat, and the sounds around you. Be prepared to get kicked if there is some sudden noise that jolts you. While it can be fun most times, if your baby gets active at night, it can affect your sleep.

8. Skin – Some women may start seeing dark spots known as melasma on their skin, especially on parts of the face. You will also notice a dark line running from the naval

to the pubic region, known as the linea nigra. Pregnancy acne is also very common. Your acne might get better or worse as pregnancy progresses.

6 Months Pregnant Symptoms

What you feel at the beginning of your 6th month may not be what you feel towards the end of the 6th month.

  • You may experience shortness of breath as the baby’s size and weight increase and adds pressure
  • Your breasts may start producing colostrum and you may even leak a few drops
  • Some women experience Braxton-Hicks contractions – don’t worry, this is not a sign of early labour or any complications
  • Your cravings and aversions towards certain smells may change or settle
  • Sleeping through the night can get difficult due to the baby’s movements, size, or even pregnancy insomnia
  • The skin on your abdomen and other areas might start feeling itchy as they stretch to accommodate the growing baby.

6 Months Pregnant - Baby

When you enter your 6th-month pregnancy, your baby will also undergo many changes. A 6th month, baby in the womb will change in the following ways:

6 Months Pregnant Baby Size

The first noticeable change is the size of the baby. When you are 6 months pregnant, your baby will be the size of a grapefruit. You can start showing off the cute baby bump. The bump size will vary from woman to woman. It depends on the baby’s size, position, and how tight or loose your abdomen muscles are.

6th Month Pregnancy Baby Weight

Your baby will weigh about 1 to 2 pounds – which is less than a kilogram. Yes, your weight gain would be more than 1 kg. Remember, your weight gain is not just the baby’s weight but it includes the water and your changing body as well.

6 Months Pregnant Baby Movement

How much should a baby move at 6 months pregnant? Right now, your baby has a lot of room to move and so they will be tumbling around freely and kicking or punching you once in a while.

Do babies kick at 6 months? Oh yes, they do! However, the kicks won’t be as strong as what you might feel in your 9th month. Your baby’s position will keep changing as they are constantly moving around.

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6 Months Baby Growth

What is the baby's growth in the 6th month of pregnancy? At this stage, your baby’s CRL – Crown Rump Length will measure around 7 - 8 inches. Your baby can measure anywhere between 18 cm to 20 cm at this time. The measurement can vary from fetus to fetus

influenced by various factors. Unless your doctor is worried about the measurement, you have nothing to fear if your baby measures a little more or less than this.

Final Word

Pregnancy can be breezy or difficult. It varies from pregnancy to pregnancy and not just from woman to woman. In most cases, the 6th month during pregnancy will be easier than the 9th month. Your cramps, nausea, and discomfort that you felt in the first few months would also be better at this time. Your 6th month can be the perfect time to enjoy your pregnancy without much worry.

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