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3 Ways Dads Can Be More Involved With Their Children!

December 3, 2020

Dads play a significant role in the development of their kids. It is very important for a dad to spend at least half an hour a day with the kids for their healthy development. The presence of dad in the kids’ life gives them a sense of protection and responsibilities.

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Your baby needs both you and your wife’s attention, love and care to grow as a healthy kid. Well, your wife manages to make time for the kids, and you often get so busy with the work that you hardly get any time to spend with your baby. But, by putting some efforts you can actually handle the situation much wisely.

Here are some tips and tricks for dads to get more involved with their toddlers:


To build a strong bond with your kids, it is essential to spend time with them. Try to have the daddy and baby time once or twice every week. Make sure this is protected time for you and your family i.e. uninterrupted by mobile phone calls/ WhatsApp/emails or Television.

  • Spend quality time: You can take your kids to a local park, beach, or an ice cream parlour or even spend time with your little ones having fun stacking blocks, talking about colours, shapes, and watching movies together.

  • Learn their Mood: When spending time with your juniors try observing their moods. This will help you in preparing yourself while handling the situations involving them. For example; your baby may start rubbing his/her eyes when he/she is tired and sleepy. This is the signal that it’s time for them to hit the bed.


Kids need to be taken care of. They need someone to bath them, feed them, brush their hair, etc. They need your attention 24X7. So, let your kids know that you love and care for them. Share your care and love for them through small gestures. Such as;

  • Feed them: Make your little one sit in a comfortable place and feed them. As you feed your bundle of joy bite by bite, make sure you talk to them. Talk about their interests, favourite game, cartoon, etc. These small talks will create a bond between you both.

  • Help them with projects: Involve yourself in your kid’s projects. The craft activities are a great bonding and learning experience for both the kid and daddy.
  • Bedtime stories: Bedtime stories are something your kids enjoy the most. So, make sure you don’t miss being a part of it. So, dads start polishing your storytelling skills.

Here is some expert advice for you to improve your storytelling skills. Advice for Dads: How to Become a Storyteller


Always be there for your kids when they need you. Protect, guide and support them at every step of their life. This will make a huge and positive impact on their childhood. Always be around and involved with your kids.

  • See the world through your child’s eyes: Next time when your kid tells you about the flying horse or birds that speak, don’t laugh it off. Try understanding what message your toddler wants to convey. This will help you connect to your little one’s point of view.

  • Provide discipline and limits: Instead of guiding your kids about the good ways to act, you often end up punishing them or withdraw your love and support from them at the time when they need it most. The most effective way to teach your kids discipline is by asking them questions, use perspective taking, and providing care and support.

Being a dad doesn't mean that you always have to be perfect to make a positive contribution to your child's life. Your simple presence and support in their life will gift them an amazing childhood.

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