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Welcome to Week 34

You are now almost midway into your 8th month and even closer to your due date. You may feel more discomfort now, but remember that you only have six more weeks to go!

Do you want to know the  "Estimated date of when your baby is due?"  Check out Cloudnine's Pregnancy Due Date Calculator now!

Update on Your Body

Your uterus is now positioned approximately 5.5 inches above your navel. The amniotic fluid surrounding your baby will grow in the coming weeks, peaking between weeks 34 and 36. Your body will re-absorb this fluid after week 37 to make room for your baby as it grows. You may find your belly button jutting out this week, and experience a bit of pain around it too. If you find that it shows through your clothes, consider covering it with a small piece of tape or a band-aid.

Update on Your Baby

As your baby gains more layers of fat beneath the skin, his or her body will begin to regulate its own temperature. Your baby’s fingernails have now grown up to the fingertips, although the toenails are yet to grow completely. The lungs have matured, as has the central nervous system. Continue to pat and stroke your belly, and talk to your baby to offer comfort and to bond with him or her.

Your Baby’s Size

17.2 inches, or the size of a cantaloupe melon.

Free Pregnancy Counselling

Tips for an Expectant Mom


If you haven’t already, attend lactation sessions on Cloudnine to explore the benefits of breastfeeding. Learn about latching techniques, healthy postures, pumping methods, lactation-inducing foods, among other important things.

You may feel heavier and more uncomfortable as your body starts producing more amniotic fluid between weeks 34-37. Hang in there, and take heart in knowing that this feeling of discomfort is temporary – your body will reabsorb the fluid from week 37.

Tips for an Expectant Dad


Learn about feeding options for your baby. Although your partner will be covering the bulk of feeding, be there to help and encourage her. You may also want to take over the bottle-feeding if she decides to express her milk.

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