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Welcome to Week 38

You are now only two weeks away from completing your full term. This week, invest time in preparing for your new arrival.

Update on Your Body

You may not get any bigger from now on, but you may still feel a certain amount of discomfort. By now, your baby has likely engaged itself into your pelvis in the head-down position. In case of a breech position, be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions in the lead-up to and during labour. If you haven’t already had them, you may experience Braxton Hicks contractions this week. Also, your cervix will begin to soften and open, to deliver your baby.To consult an expert? Find the best pregnancy doctor in Mumbai

Update on Your Baby

Your baby is almost ready for birth and isn’t going to undergo any significant development from now on – apart from the fat cells under the skin that will continue to plump.


Although most of his or her organs have developed and matured, the lungs and heart still have to undergo some development – a long process that will continue through childhood. Your baby has now taken on his or her final birth appearance.

Your Baby’s Size

19.6 inches, or the size of a jackfruit.

Tips for an Expectant Mom


Zero in on a paediatrician for your baby. It’s highly probable that you may be referred to one by your obstetrician, but finding one that gives you comfort is a fundamental first step. Do your groundwork early.[caption id="attachment_23266" align="aligncenter" width="500"]

Pregnancy week 38

Pregnancy week 38[/caption]Complete your final round of shopping. Buy your baby’s cradle, clothes, diapers, towels, napkins, mosquito net and feeding bottles, and keep them washed and ready.Must Read: Numbness During Pregnancy


Do not buy too many baby clothes right now, as it is too early to gauge your baby’s birth size correctly.

Tips for an Expectant Dad


Start thinking of baby names. Even if you plan to name your baby according to the astronomical charts at birth, it always helps to have a list ready.Help your partner prepare for the arrival of your baby. Shop, plan and organise with her.[caption id="attachment_23267" align="aligncenter" width="500"]

Pregnancy women posing

Pregnancy women posing[/caption]Join hands with your partner in selecting a good paediatrician for your baby.Must Read: Vinegar in Pregnancy – Benefits and Side Effects