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100+ Happy Deliveries and counting... at Whitefield Centre, Bengaluru!

December 3, 2020

Newborn babies are always a precious sight to behold. After spending nine months in a mother’s womb, they finally come into the world they belong to. Childbirth is a life changing experience. It is a process excellently designed by nature and we as human beings experience it joyously and lovingly. Cloudnine strongly believes in and celebrates the magic of childbirth. To ensure the best childbirth facilities, we have always been a step up when it comes to technology and services. Our spacious and comfortable LDRs rooms, state-of-the-art Operation Theatres, 4D real-time ultrasound imaging system (which produces 4D images of the baby and analysis fetal development) and the high level of infection control maintained in the OT offers the best maternity services and faster recovery for patients. All this high standard of care has enabled us to deliver unmatched early neonatal survival rates of 99.72% and 100 successful deliveries at Whitefield center, Bengaluru.We are extremely delighted to announce the arrival of our 100th bundle of Joy at our Whitefield Centre, Bengaluru. We have achieved 100 successful deliveries at Whitefield center within a short span of time. We are very proud to have a wonderful team of professionals and staffs and salute the dedication and passion with which they have been serving the patients. It’s time for celebrations! Thank you for believing in Cloudnine.