Best Maternity Hospital in Bellandur, Bangalore

Cloudnine, Bellandur is a premier woman and child care facility underpinned by leading-edge technology, highly trained physicians and globally-renowned infrastructure. The facility has gained a spotlight for its result-oriented, custom-crafted services and treatments across gynaecology, obstetrics, fertility, paediatrics, nutrition and fitness, mental health and lactation.

Maternity on Cloudnine, Bellandur

Bellandur on Cloudnine serves to tell a story of elevated maternity and neonatal care in Bengaluru’s south-eastern corridor. The facility has earned plaudits for its approach to woman and child care, thanks to a team of esteemed clinical specialists and high-technology, forward-looking infrastructure. Its award-winning maternity programme, the It’s Our Baby Programme is celebrated as a life-changing experience for expectant mothers, presenting a unique mix of prenatal workshops, Lamaze sessions, a baby shower, a coveted Management of Baby Affairs programme, as well as thoughtful postnatal services, including lactation sessions, nutrition counselling and a full-body fitness assessment.

Doctors on Cloudnine, Bellandur

Cloudnine, Bellandur is home to some of the Garden City’s most renowned physicians and specialists, whose rich expertise sets the facility apart as one of the most prime hospitals in south-east Bengaluru.

Highlights on Cloudnine, Bellandur

Since its inception, Cloudnine, Bellandur has developed a track record of result-led treatment plans, superior neonatal survival rates and remarkable guest loyalty. Among the many feathers in its cap, the most notable is its ability to successfully manage high-risk and preterm deliveries and, with its Level III NICU, support babies as premature as 24 gestational weeks and as light as 600 grams.

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