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Phase 1 of Chasing Developmental Milestones

December 3, 2020
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Arrival of your bundle of Joy brings a lot of responsibilities and happiness. It’s a mixed feeling happy about the baby but worried about how to take care and give the best. Having read all the possible books, surfing the internet on parenthood and all set to take tasks but don’t know what to expect from a little baby?

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‘Chasing Milestone’ is Cloudnine’s Child Development Class is to sensitize you with all the development in the early phase of your baby’s life. As the name suggests the chase is to achieve the milestone naturally by an act of play. This session helps you to understand the normal developmental growth of the baby from the day the baby is born till the 6 months of age called as Phase1. The term milestone is very commonly heard amongst the early life of the babies. Milestone is basically a functional skill attained by kids at respective age. Functional skills or age-specific tasks that most children can do by a certain age but range to achieve that may differs. A milestone is said to be met when a child is able to perform a task independently without any external help.

The purpose of initiative is to check on the delay at the early phase of an infant's life. Demographic data suggest prevalence of suspected developmental delay amongst the early age of life has increased and are more likely to affect the gross motor skills in the first infancy year. Researches also suggest that special care to preterm must be initiated and gender biased delays also exist in certain cases. The development will continue to happen from the day of conception till the entire brain development happens. But there are various areas or domains in which the development has been categorized.

There are 4 major domains which are; Physical/ Motor, Language/ Communication, Social/ Emotional & Cognitive development. These domains cover all the aspects of development which need attention and demand constant monitoring.


Apart from these domains of development there are also some rules by which the process succeeds. To name one amongst that will be cephalocaudal direction i.e. the development always starts from head and then move towards the lower end i.e. Legs.  The sequence remains the same but the timeframe to achieve by each kid might differ. It means that all the development is always termed by the time range, never an exact month or year.

Lastly understanding how parents can play a vital role in keeping development on track. By understanding the age specific red flags and tracking the progression specifically.

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Coming from an expert will help you understand the pivotal role of parents in their developmental journey. Master skills by learning the importance of play and handy tips for transforming & nurturing your little baby’s growth phase. Become pro by acquiring fundamental rules of baby’s progression from newly born to 6 months of age.

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