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Why Should You Go For Video Consultation For Gynecological Problems?

Normally, gynaecology consultations with patients have always been face-to-face. Women preferred this, even if it meant a long wait. Depending on when the doctor makes an appointment, the patient then gets to discuss his health problems. Also, the scenario in India is that for every 1457 people, there is only one doctor. Imagine the situation if patients had to wait hours to see the best doctors. Some have to travel out of their towns and cities to visit specialists who are fewer in number. But all this changed with the introduction of online video consultation.

Video consultation using a digital medium like a smartphone or a computer enables communication between patients and doctors. Since almost everyone, including those living in remote villages, has access to smartphones and the internet, it becomes really convenient. So it is possible to assess the patient's condition over a video conversation. Want to know more about the benefits of online gynaecologist consultations? Read below.

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Benefits of Online Gynaecologist Doctor Consultation

Medical services made a huge stride in terms of providing convenient patient services due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One of them is online health services. When you have health issues that need attention, it can lead to anxiety. Instead of having to travel to visit the doctor, online consultations seem to be the accepted norm. There are many benefits to booking an online gynaecological consultation. Here are some of the benefits of the best gynecologist's online consultation:

Less stress

In India, finding a good gynaecologist is stressful. Even if you find a good doctor, it is difficult to find the time to meet because of the fast-paced lives people lead. Finding an appointment that meets the doctor’s routine as well as yours is difficult, as you may need to take time off from work. Even if you find an appointment, you may have to wait for long hours if the gynaecologist has an emergency. Additionally, you will have to suffer through the gynaecology problems that need to be taken care of. All this is extremely stressful, and that can aggravate the health condition. When you opt for video consultation, all this is avoided. You get appointments with top gynaecologists, and you can consult them from anywhere, making it stress-free.

Quick medical attention

When you have a gynaecological problem and need instant medical assistance, an online gynaecologist consultation is the best way to go about it. Though not ideal for an emergency situation, it can be useful in solving health issues quickly. You have access to safe, quick, and secure medical aid at your fingertips.

Access to specialists

With virtual medical care, you can get easy access to specialists. People who are in need of consultations with specialists need not have to travel long distances or spend a lot of time on every visit to a specialist gynaecologist. Online video consultations make it easy to utilise the experience of specialists who are not in close proximity to your location.

Convenient and comfortable

Online health consultations can happen anytime and anywhere. You don’t have to wait for days or hours to meet a gynaecologist. You can have the best gynecologist's online consultation whenever you feel slightly ill, from the comfort of your home. The best part is that you can sit at home, seek a doctor’s consultation, and get treatment within the confines of your home.

Seek a second opinion

Sometimes, you may have to have further consultations to see the progress after a physical visit. Instead of spending time going for physical consultations, you can consult them online to report progress. Also, for various reasons, you may want to have a second opinion after the first doctor’s advice to be on the safe side. Online gynaecologist doctor consultation helps in consulting the best even if they are not closest to your location.

Time-saving and cost-effective

Online healthcare is time-saving and affordable. It is cost-effective, especially for those who have to travel quite a distance to meet the doctor. Video consultations save you transportation and visiting costs, and they also save time for those who need regular visits. Patients can get medical advice, a second opinion, a consultation, etc. during their office breaks without having to take a day off from work. It is the best option if you are pre-occupied with work.


Gynaecological problems are medical issues that most women are uncomfortable talking about. They are particularly hesitant to talk about issues related to infertility and such, especially when there are other health staff around. With video consultation, you get the privacy you need, as you can talk from wherever you are comfortable. You can speak to the gynaecologist about your problems, and explain to them your worries without anyone else getting to know about them. But one thing is to be open with your gynaecologist and describe your health issues without hesitation to get proper treatment.

Medical reports are easily accessible

When you do a video consultation, your medical history is all stored online, so there is no need to answer the same questions. These stored medical reports are used for further reference, and with that, patient data is easily managed. Most online doctor consultation platforms have these features, and they do it with high confidentiality. Once you start the consultation on these platforms, your medical history is stored and easily accessible. The doctors too have access to these investigation reports, and you have access to e-prescriptions sitting at home.

Decreases the chances of catching an illness

Hospital settings are crowded and that means you can catch any kind of illness especially if you are pregnant or have a sensitive health condition While every hospital does its best to prevent patients from transmitting illnesses, there is a high risk of exposure. When you do a video consultation, by staying at home, there is no risk of exposure, and you get the care and attention you need in this sensitive situation.

Consult a gynaecologist online as it is better than self-diagnosis

Many females browse the internet for symptoms, do home remedies, and perform self-diagnosis. This is a hit or miss at best and could lead to serious health problems if the symptoms are of a serious nature. So instead of that, you should let a gynaecologist do it so that you get the right medical treatment.


1. Can I talk to a gynaecologist online for free?

There are many online healthcare platforms that offer free generic advice after registering on their platform. But if you want specific questions answered, you may have to pay a consultation fee, depending on the service provider.

2. How do I contact a gynaecologist online?

There are many popular healthcare platforms where leading gynaecologists provide consultations. Register with any of them, search for the gynaecologist by name or the specialization you need, and book an appointment that is convenient to you.

3.How do I consult a gynaecologist online?

Set up an appointment with the gynaecologist you prefer online using the app or website. At the scheduled time, switch on the audio and the video, and the doctor will come online using the same platform. Once both are connected, you can go ahead with the consultations.

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