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What You Need To Know About Vaccinating Your Baby

December 3, 2020

The immune system is our body’s natural defence system against infections that try to invade the body. If we are to borrow a leaf from technology we could say that our immune system keeps a database of all the infections it encounters so that it reacts more quickly and efficiently in all subsequent attacks.

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Vaccination is a great way of updating this database with other identities of various infections that the body may be prone to. Your baby needs to be protected against all the known infections that can attack them during their formative years when the body’s defences are still tender.

To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate

Diseases that threaten your baby can come from the environment and also be transmitted by people who are in constant contact with the baby, including you and your spouse. It is therefore important to understand that vaccination applies to both the child as well as parents. As a father, you are tasked with helping your partner in making the ultimate decision on whether or not to vaccinate.

Despite the flurry of conspiracy theories that have kept many parents on edge with respect to the wellbeing of their children, vaccination remains your best bet to guard against debilitating and life-threatening diseases. What you need to know is that the majority of parents still realise the importance of vaccination and understand its benefits.

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What are the Effects of Vaccination?

It is painful to bear the sight of your baby getting poked with needles and crying but this is a necessary and lesser evil than raising an unhealthy child. Vaccination should occur on a regular basis like clockwork. Some children have been known to suffer some mild reactions on getting immunized but this never progresses into something serious.

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Some of the vaccines that your baby should get include hepatitis B, inactivated poliovirus vaccine, inactivated influenza vaccine, measles, mumps and rubella, and many more. You and your partner also need to get vaccinated and a discussion with your paediatrician will put you in the picture.

In a nutshell, "Vaccinate Your Child On A Regular Basis To Raise A Healthy Child"

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