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Ways to Surprise Your Expecting Wife

December 3, 2020

A healthy state of mind is very important for a pregnant woman because many people believe that a child in the mother’s womb is aware of the mother’s emotions and feelings. With crazy bouts of anxiety and mood swings, caused by constant hormonal and physical changes, pregnancy can be a real roller coaster ride.

A husband can be a pillar of strength for his wife during these tough times and her best friend too. Here are a few ways to pamper her and keep her happy.

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The beauty and the freshness of flowers can lighten and brighten up your wife’s mood and make her feel loved. So on the way back from your office buy her favourite flowers and some chocolates so as to surprise her with the simplest of things.

Treat Her to Fancy Maternity Wear

There comes a time when most pregnant women feel terrible about how their body looks. It is important to be comfortable and feels happy when one is pregnant. So do some research on fashionable maternity wear, and get the apparel that is comfortable and makes her look as fantastic as she is.

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Planning a small trip before the baby arrives would provide some relaxation to the couple; especially for the mom to be, and make her feel rejuvenated. This doesn’t have to be a long elaborate trip; instead, it could be just a weekend getaway. Taking your wife out on a trip could help a lot in strengthening the bond between you, her and even the yet to be born.

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Surprise Her with Things She Craves For

After a month or so of pregnancy, you’ll start getting to know about her cravings and what she desires for the most. All you have to do is get her those without her having to ask for them.

Foot Rubs

Due to her constantly increasing bodyweight her feet would go sore, swollen and tired. A nice pedicure or a foot rub would help to relax her feet and get her to unwind; needless to say without her asking.

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Plan a Maternity Photoshoot

Take the day off to surprise her by planning a maternity photoshoot, to cherish the journey of those precious nine months together as a couple.

Give Her a Massage or Take Her for a Prenatal Massage

The constant changes during pregnancy, specifically the physiological ones, leave her body vulnerable to all kinds of aches, swellings and so on. And for a mother to be enduring all this for the entire gestational period isn't easy. So a leisurely back rub would mean more than any expensive gift. Else just book her one at a professional spa. What better way to make her feel pampered.

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Surprise your Wife by Creating a Baby Corner/ Room

Creating a baby space would be one of the first things the mom-to-be would consider doing, so surprise her by doing it all by yourself. A simple yet stimulating baby play area using toys made from non-toxic materials, which are safe for both the expecting mother and child, would do the trick.

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