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Vaginal Birth After A C-Section (VBAC)

August 12, 2021

Women who have already delivered a baby via C-section are offered options for C-section or vaginal delivery during their next childbirth experience. Most women who have undergone a C-section delivery often wonder is there any chance of normal delivery after C Section. Although the answer is yes, this does not hold for every woman. About sixty to eighty percent of women who have had a previous C-section experience tend to have a successful vaginal delivery. However, women who have a high-risk uterine scar are not encouraged to opt for a vaginal delivery. Hospitals that are not ready for an emergency C-section delivery also do not offer a vaginal delivery option to women who have had a C-section earlier.


If you wonder can you have a vaginal birth after a C Section, it is advisable to talk to your gynecologist and find out your options.

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Reasons Why Vaginal Delivery Is Viable After C-section

  • Shorter Recovery Time

Another C-section will require a more extended hospital stay, while a vaginal delivery enables you to go back home sooner and get back to your usual routine faster as well. The shorter stay at the hospital also reduces your childbirth expenses considerably.


  • Individualised Birth Plan

Choosing for a vaginal birth after a C-section experience allows you to have an individualized birth plan in place.


  • Helps With Future Pregnancies

If you are planning on having a large family, multiple C-Sectional deliveries will stand in the way. Opting for a vaginal delivery prevents scarring and also protect you from complications associated with placental problems.


  • Lower Surgical Risk Complications

Studies have shown that vaginal deliveries offer a lower risk of infection, injury to abdominal organs, blood clotting and so on.

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Can you have a natural birth after C Section without worry? Well, your doctor will be able to guide you through the process and be prepared to handle an emergency C-section in case any complications arise.

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