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Understanding The Connection Between Meditation And Motherhood

December 4, 2023

Preconception appointments generally look at your gynecology history - whether you have any apparent problem, underlying problem or have medical terminations or miscarriages. Generally, these are the factors that affect your chances to conceive, of course along with the reproductive health of your partner as well.

As in other consultations, the doctor asks general questions pertaining to the routine height, weight, blood pressure, medical history and in case of a preconception consultation about the period cycles, frequency and heaviness. Another very common question is whether you meditate, engage in yoga or other forms of exercise.

When it comes to preconception, yoga and meditation play a big role in helping with the preconception process. Let’s understand it a little bit more.

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Yoga And Preconception


Fertility issues have become very common and even though this may not sound like anything new, our current lifestyle takes a big responsibility in altering reproductive functions. One of the top contributors from our lifestyle problems towards our fertility issues is stress.

Stress manifests itself in several forms. The stress to succeed, the stress to retain this success and of course, the stress to be able to conceive - all these can actually be a deterrent to conception. As we all know, this stress can be detrimental to your overall health, in particular to the hormone balance that helps with conception.

Yoga and meditation are one of the best ways to relieve yourself from stress. When you focus on your breathing and channelize your energies in deep meditation, it can help you break the chain of stress that has the potential to affect your health and your hormones. When you are stress-free, the body begins to function more normally, including your reproductive organs, allowing the process of normal conception to happen smoothly. In case you are on any treatment or assisted method of conception, being stress-free helps your body respond to treatments better.

However, the benefits of yoga don’t stop there. Yoga postures help your body gear up for pregnancy. Breathing techniques not just alleviate stress, they also help with blood flow to your reproductive organs. These postures help manage back pain and open up your pelvic area, allowing for better pain management during your pregnancy.

Yoga also helps you be fit. Burning off fat helps boost the right hormones, preparing you for motherhood and conception. Being fit has other benefits too. When you get pregnant, there are several other conditions like gestational diabetes, constipation, piles, varicose veins just to name a few. Being fit can help ward off all these associated problems, apart from facilitating a smoother delivery.

Best Practices

While your gynecologist is the best person to guide you through the process of preconception - the treatment plan and all that if need be - you can play your part in being mindful and meditative.

One of the key things you should focus on is to be positive. No matter what it is, a positive mindset can help accept and plan things better. Please understand that a negative mindset can have serious detrimental impacts on getting pregnant. Meditation helps achieve a stress-free state of mind and positivity helps sustain it. 30 minutes of yoga every day can help you prepare yourself better. Focus on your breathing and try flushing out the toxins from your system. Eat right and listen to your doctor. At the Birthplace your doctors will advise you accordingly, so keep an open mind and allow yoga to accelerate your way to motherhood.

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