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Top 3 Mistakes to avoid immediately after birth

Did you know staying safe and cautious during pregnancy is not enough? You need to be very careful and avoid certain mistakes soon after birth.

Many mothers agree and cooperate because they don't know better. They are either told by the older women in their families; it could be cultural practice or something the doctors do routinely, leaving the mother clueless. Here are the top three commonly made mistakes after birth that ought to be avoided.

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Mistake 1 - Separating Mother and Baby

In many hospitals or birthing centres, the babies can be taken away for cleaning and checking. This is not necessary at all. The baby can be placed on the mother's chest right after birth while the umbilical cord is still attached. The cleaning can happen a few minutes later. This first skin-to-skin contact is very important and helpful for the baby and mother. It relaxes both mother and baby after the stressful few minutes of the delivery; it helps calm both their heart rates and breathing.

Why is it Not Okay

Separating the mother and newborn can affect the way they bond, especially if the baby is kept away from the mother for many hours or even days for various reasons. Coming out from the womb into the world can be traumatic for many babies simply because of the way it happens and how fast it happens. Whisking the baby away from the only environment they know can have a negative impact.

Kangaroo mother care can be very beneficial for preterm or underweight babies. In this method of care, the baby is strapped to the mother's or the father's body for skin-to-skin contact, which is essential right from the start.

When is it Okay

If a baby is unresponsive or has complications, the doctor must take it to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). They must check the baby thoroughly and do what is necessary to ensure its safety. In such cases, the doctor must take the baby away without any delay. They will let the mother unite with the baby soon after they handle the complications.

If they decide to keep the baby in the NICU for some time, the mother can visit the baby, hold it, and, in most cases, feed it. If direct breastfeeding is not possible, the doctors will ask the mother to pump breast milk and feed it to the baby. If they don't do this, you should definitely ask them and get an explanation.

Mistake 2 - A Cold Room

A new mother who has just undergone labour can feel warm or even experience heat flashes. Recently, a lot of focus has been on after-delivery care for mothers. While this is necessary,

keeping the room cool for her comfort is not the best atmosphere for the baby. Many believe the baby will "adapt" to their surroundings and eventually settle into the cool room. This is not true. Ensure the room temperature does not go below 22o C.

It is also a common practice to give the baby their first bath soon after birth and place them in a cold room. Despite all the swaddling, these drastic temperature changes are not suitable for a newborn.

Why is it Not Okay

Babies are born into a cosy, warm environment. Even if they are born in a cold climate, it is necessary to keep them warm. Newborn babies are very sensitive to changes in room temperature, and their bodies are not strong enough to adjust to cool temperatures.

Keeping the baby in a cold room increases the risk of developing hypothermia, especially if it is not in the natural environment. Keeping the room artificially cold means exposing the baby to warmer temperatures every time you take them out of the room. The result is that your baby is exposed to sudden temperature changes, which can be too much for their tiny bodies to handle.

When is it Okay

In certain cold countries, where the temperature frequently dips below zero, parents expose their newborns and infants to cold temperatures. This helps them sleep longer and better and helps their body adjust to its natural environment. Sub-zero temperatures also make it difficult for germs and infections to travel,

Thus keeping the baby safe when their immune system is still developing. However, many medical professionals don't agree with this. So, you should consult your doctor in your region before exposing your baby to cold temperatures.

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Mistake 3 – Too Active, Too Fast

Many new mothers are hurrying to return to their old lifestyles and bodies. Media constantly shows how mothers "bounce back" to their original shape and lifestyle within weeks if they start working on it early. This is not at all safe. It puts both mother and baby in danger.

Doctors recommend walking after delivery—be it a natural birth, assisted birth, or cesarean birth—to help the mother recover. This does not mean she has to cover a certain number of kilometres or go speed walking. Every woman's body is different, and every birthing experience is unique. What works for one need not be safe for the other.

Why is it Not Okay

Your body has undergone about 40 weeks of pregnancy and the delivery process. Over this time, a lot has changed in your body, and you need to give it time to bounce back. Rushing yourself to get fitter or lose weight quickly can lead to nutrition loss, fatigue, injuries and even depression.

If you had a cesarean delivery or have sutures in some areas, your physical activities can increase the pain, disturb the sutures or cause complications in the surgical site.

When is it Okay

Well, getting too active very soon after the baby's delivery is never okay. When you don't have enough help and need to do it all, space out your responsibilities because you need the physical and mental energy to handle a newborn. Do the basic household chores, etc., and ensure you get plenty of rest.


As a first-time parent, it can be quite difficult to decide if what is happening around you is right or wrong. Hospitals have different approaches, and you cannot challenge them all. Reading and learning about what not to do after giving birth is advisable. Discuss the entire delivery and after-delivery process with your doctor and have a birthing plan to avoid confusion.


1. What not to do right after giving birth?

Don't be in a hurry to get back to your old lifestyle and routine right after giving birth. Don't let them take the baby away from the mother right after she gives birth.

2. What should I do immediately after giving birth?

Give yourself some rest and appreciation for what you have been through. Bond with the baby, get comfortable feeding it and accept your body for how it has changed.

3. What is not normal after birth?

Experiencing excess pain, heavy bleeding and feeling depressed or gloomy after giving birth is not normal. You need to seek medical attention immediately as you will have a little human to take care of henceforth.

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