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Pregnancy Tips For First-Time Moms

In the journey of being a first-time mom, one experiences both physical and emotional changes. The feeling might be quiet overwhelming with vast information about pregnancy received from various sources. Here are some important pregnancy tips for first-time moms to stay informed about things one must know about pregnancy and childbirth.

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Tips to Tackle Your Pregnancy Hassles

Devise A Birth Plan:

Everyone wishes to deliver a healthy baby. A detailed birth plan contributes to a safe and sound delivery. Each body is different, so consideration of ones medical history, body condition before preparing a birth plan is essential. Preparation includes incorporating things you opt for during labour, like the place of birth, water birth, C-section, epidural, use of forceps and delayed cord clamping. Discuss about your concerns to your partner and doctor before deciding on a specific birth plan. Discuss with your doctor, physiotherapists the birthing tips for first-time moms. This can help you come up with a detailed birth plan. Keep your mind prepared for changes in your birth plan due to unexpected pregnancy complications.

Trust Your Doctor, Not the Internet: Although the Internet offers a whole lot of information about pregnancy, googling your doubts and concerns may be misleading and usually results in unnecessary anxiety and fear. It is safe and best to raise your concerns and doubts to your doctor rather than trusting the Internet.

Limit Junk Food:

Pregnancy cravings are a routine occurrence in most pregnant women. Commonest temptations being for foods like fried chips, pickles, ice cream, etc. These are highly processed foods that contain saturated fats, refined sugar and high cholesterol and they do not provide the essential nutrients required for the growth of the baby. Eating too much junk food can result in excessive weight gain which is unhealthy and also result in increased the birth weight of the baby, resulting in complications during childbirth both for the mother and the baby. Ensure you restrict the intake of junk and opt for nutritional snacking to avoid unhealthy weight gain during pregnancy.

Stay Hydrated:

Increasing fluid intake is equally important as a pregnant body needs more hydration. Your pregnant body needs sufficient water to maintain the amniotic fluid levels, produce blood, build tissues and eliminate toxins and waste from your body. One must make sure to drink 8-10 glasses of water daily to stay hydrated throughout the pregnancy. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet specially the ones with good water content.

Take Care of Your Mental Health:

Pregnancy, at times, can be hard on you. This can affect ones mental health badly and result in anxiety and stress. Self-care during pregnancy can help manage your stress levels. Be kind to yourself and engage in relaxing activities like reading books, listening to music, gardening, baking, cultivating a hobby etc. Meditation, yoga, prenatal massage and warm baths can help to relieve stress and help mental relaxation.

Stay Active:

Being active during pregnancy can help navigate the pregnancy journey without any complications. One can very well perform daily household chores when there are no pregnancy complications. Get involved in less strenuous physical activities like walking, dancing, simple exercises, yoga that keep your body flexible. Never opt for high-risk physical activities like horse riding or mountain skiing. Consult your doctor before you start with any new physical activity - a big no to lifting heavy weights or intense cardio workouts during pregnancy.

Take Ample Rest:

Disturbed sleep during the night is a common pregnancy discomfort. A sudden drop in energy levels due to hormonal changes is also a common occurrence. So rest your body during the day when you feel exhausted. Daytime naps can boost energy levels and keep the mind refreshed.

Get Support: Pregnancy is, of course, overwhelming as the body goes through significant number of changes. Never hesitate to get help from your loved ones during pregnancy. Get help from your partner to complete the daily errands at home.

Take Your Prenatal Regularly:

Never skip your prenatal during pregnancy. Prenatal provide the essential nutrients and minerals required for the growth and overall well-being of your baby. Certain defects such as neural tubal defects in the baby can be prevented with regular intake of prenatal vitamins containing folic acid. Calcium and iron supplements are a must to meet the calcium requirements of the baby and to avoid anaemia in new moms. Have a look at the things you must be aware of about your pregnancy.

Things to Know as a First-time Mom

Being aware of certain things during pregnancy is important. This helps overcome the fear and enjoy your pregnancy journey. Stay informed about the things to know as a first-time mom.

Change in Sex Drive:

You can expect a lot of changes in your sex hormones during pregnancy. You may lose interest in sex during the first trimester. This can also be due to nausea, fatigue and other pregnancy symptoms. You can expect an increase in sex drive during the second trimester, which goes down in the final trimester.

Early Lactation:

Your breast may leak milk even before giving birth to your baby. This is quite normal as your body is preparing to produce milk for your baby. You can expect early lactation as early as 16 weeks of pregnancy.


Fatigue is common throughout the pregnancy. One might feel too tired in the first trimester and bounce back with energy in the second trimester and feel wiped out in the third trimester. Consult your doctor when you feel extremely tired, as fatigue can be a potential sign of certain medical conditions like anemia, gestational diabetes, depression, infection, etc.

Birthing Process:

Speak to your doctor about the actual birthing process and the stages of labour and also about the signs of labour, when to report to the hospital. This helps pregnant women understand labour and how to deliver the baby.

You can cope with the everyday discomforts during pregnancy by following the above tips.

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1. What should first-time moms expect during pregnancy?

Pregnancy symptoms are not the same for everyone and vary from one pregnant woman to another. Nausea, breast tenderness, fatigue, mood swings, and anxiety can be expected.

2. What should a first-time pregnant woman know?

They must be aware of the common pregnancy symptoms and complications. Pregnant women must learn about the various birthing processes. They must be aware of the importance of taking prenatal vitamins during pregnancy.

3. How can I ensure a healthy pregnancy as a first-time mom?

First-time moms can ensure a healthy pregnancy by making changes to their lifestyle such as staying hydrated, eating a balanced diet, getting involved in physical activities and getting sufficient rest.

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