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Things To Keep In Mind While Planning For A Second Baby

Having a child can be a true blessing for the parents. Becoming a parent can be so fulfilling for many and most of them even consider having another child. All the difficulties of the first pregnancy or being first-time parents are soon forgotten and many are ready to do it all over again. Are you planning for a second baby soon? Not too sure what to expect? Don’t worry, we are here to help by bringing your attention to certain important factors.

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Second Baby – Will It Be The Same As The First?

No. Having your second baby may seem like doing everything all over again but the entire process can be so very different for most parents. Right from the pregnancy to the mental state of mind, it can all be very different and new when it is the second baby.

When Should We Plan Second Baby?

Having a baby is each couple’s choice. When you have your first or your second, the gap between the two pregnancies, your age, etc, are all subjective. Ideally, doctors advise a minimum of 1 to 2 years difference between the children. This gap allows your body to recover from the first pregnancy and childbirth, gives you time to adjust to your new role as a parent, and also gives you a sufficient break before you repeat your pregnancy journey.

However, many parents give just about a year gap between their first and second child. So, consult your doctor and take the necessary tests to ensure your body is ready to go through another pregnancy before you start trying.

How To Plan For a Second Baby

Not sure where or how to start planning for your second baby? Here are 5 things to keep in mind when you plan for your second baby:

1. Age Of Both Partners

It is not just women but even men who experience a decrease in fertility when they reach the 35 years mark. If you are planning to postpone having your second baby, consider both your and your partner’s age. The higher the age, the higher the risk of pregnancy. Low egg reserve and low sperm quality can lead to complications in pregnancy.

2. Age Difference Between Children

Is your first child ready to have a playmate? Are they ready to share you and their things? While you can teach all this to your elder one, consider the age gap between the children. Too much of a gap may make it difficult for the children to get along when they grow up.

3. Preparing Your Elder Child

A new baby is a big change for your elder child. You need to slowly prepare them for having a sibling and educate them about how everything can be different around them. Springing a new sibling on your child can be too much for them to take.

4. Financial Planning

Children are expensive. You need to sit with your partner and consider your financial situation. Having another baby means double all your expenses. When they start school and grow up, their expenses will only increase. It is better to mentally prepare yourself for such a financial demand before you plan for the next child.

5. Support Group

When you have your second child, you will need more help and support than you did with your first child. Though you have been through this before, it is a new scenario now. You need enough support to help you not only with the pregnancy or delivery but to take care of your firstborn too. Your older child will go through different emotional phases as they adjust to the new baby. Having good support can make the transition smooth.

Planning For Second Baby After 35

Today, many women go on to have babies after they are 35 years old. Though the chances of conceiving can reduce for some due to the depleting egg reserves, women can still become pregnant after they turn 35 years old.

If you are planning to have a baby after you are 35 years old, keep the following points in mind:

  • Takes Time

It is common knowledge that a woman’s egg reserve starts decreasing once she turns 30 years of age. After 30, as she gets older, the chances of natural conception will decrease. As a result, you may take more time to conceive. If you took just a few tries to conceive the first time, you may take a few more months this time around.

This does not mean every woman above 35 will take time to conceive, but it just increases the chances of a delay. So, if you take more time than anticipated, do not lose heart and consult your doctor when needed.

  • Your Health Differs

A woman’s health changes after her first pregnancy. In most cases, a woman’s health during her second pregnancy will be very different from her health during her first. You may gain more weight, feel more tired easily, feel different restrictions, etc. Understand every pregnancy is unique and when you are above 35, you may experience many changes.

  • Recovery Time

You may take more time to recover after the delivery of your second child. Your body is not as it was during the first pregnancy. So, unless you have been physically active and fit, you may take more time to recover from the second pregnancy.

  • Increased Risk

The higher the maternal age, the higher the risk. You may experience gestational hypertension, diabetes, or other ailments. So, if you are over 35, there is an increased risk of complications during both pregnancy and delivery.

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When you should have your second baby is a personal choice. Having a baby is a big responsibility and bringing in another baby is additional responsibility. When you plan well, after considering multiple factors, the transition can be smooth for you and your family.


1. What Is The Right Time to Plan for a Second Baby?

When you and your partner are physically, emotionally, and financially ready to take up the responsibility of another child, it is the right time to plan for the second baby. You should also take your first baby’s age and mindset into consideration.

2. What to consider before trying for a second baby?

Consider your health, both partners’ age, the age gap between the children, your financial situation, and the support you have around you to bring up the children.

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