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Steps to a Painless Normal Delivery

Pregnancy is a period of joy and celebration at the mere thought of having your own little child in your arms. Having conceived a child is an extremely joyous feeling for a woman. However, many pregnant women are scared of the idea of labour pain involved in a normal delivery process. The portrayal of screaming women going into labour on the television, and experiences shared by friends or family members, add to the stress

In recent times, there is a buzz around Painless Delivery/childbirth. Though it does not suggest that there would be no pain at all, it is manageable, leading to a less stressful period of 9 months. For many years, women have been managing it with the help of doctors, family and friends but today it is also revolving around modern technology to support this cause of painless childbirth.

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It would be a dream come true to have such a wonderful part of a woman’s life without unnecessary doses of heavy medications and pain. And bring a new life into the world without those moments of anxiety.

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Techniques for Painless Normal Delivery

  • Yoga during Pregnancy:

Even though it is not a very popular method as its effects’ depend from individual to individual, it does provide some welcome relief from the pain. The mudras of Bhramari Pranayama, Baddhakonasana help a lot in alleviating pain. However, they should be performed in the presence of an experienced professional.

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  • Medical Relief for Painless Delivery:

There are a number of medicines and painkillers available, which help to combat the pain of delivery but they are not always recommended as they can affect not only the infant but the mother as well.

  • Exercising for a painless delivery: Relation and Benefits

Pregnant women are often advised to do regular exercises of different kinds. Besides increasing the mind-body relationship, exercises are known to create endorphins - natural pain relievers. These endorphins are released in labor, making things easier for childbirth. Breathing exercises like Lamaze, belly breath and piston breathing help to ease the pain and develop strong pushing muscles, apart from exercises to build strong and healthy placenta, realign the body, improve digestion, improve respiration, and decrease heartburn, and remove tiredness, etc.

Knowledge is power and knowledge about the transformations that the body is going through help to remove uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms.

These typically include the areas of:

  • Importance of nutritious food for both mother and child
  • Working of the uterus to support in childbirth
  • Toxins present around you

It is important to understand the mechanisms behind the contraction of the uterus and why labour is stalled if the mother’s sympathetic nervous system is triggered and the importance behind inhibiting it.

The expectant mothers are made to practice some known labor positions for ease, however, the best position is not known until the woman undergoes the labor. It is good to be aware of the circumstances that lead to C-section and what if the labor is unexpected, apart from breastfeeding and other things required post-childbirth. Emotional connect, especially with one’s partner affects the pain and is necessary to understand.

In many cases, it is natural not to relax as every muscle in the body gets tensed and there is a flight/fight syndrome, preventing the secretion of birthing hormones — endorphins and serotonin – to help with natural childbirth, thereby driving the blood to the peripheral parts of your body instead of where required at that time. Besides guided training, practising self-hypnosis also helps to a large extent.

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  • Self-Hypnosis

Painless childbirth is about working on the power of the human mind and its control on the body. Training the pregnant woman on self-hypnosis, her subconscious mind is prepared to embrace a joyful childbirth experience. Accepted by both psychological and medical fraternity, this technique is increasingly being used. Experts believe that hypnosis helps the person to remain relaxed and de-stressed. Pregnant women are not only taught about childbirth-related myths but are also mentally prepared to achieve natural birth without any pain. It is important to impart correct knowledge of the different phases of labor and delivery.

The secrets lie in listening to one’s own body, applying abdominal breathing, and being physically and mentally prepared to ensure a calm, quiet and relaxed labour. Experts believe that relaxation lessens the body’s response to pain by reducing and eliminating the sensation. The important point to note is that the preparation should start months in advance.

How Self-hypnosis works to provide an experience of painless delivery:

Self-hypnosis works by tapping into this subconscious, which controls the body and the different sensations that the body feels. Continuous instilling of facts, images, and ideas, which are positive into the subconscious has the power to lead away from the sensations of pain, otherwise felt during childbirth.

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Among the popular self-hypnosis techniques to bring your little angel/prince to this world, expectant mothers can practice the below:

  • -Spend at least half an hour each day without being disturbed to enjoy this period of solitude in a comfortable and resting environment. One can either sit or recline on the bed or sofa and close the eyes for easy focus and relaxation. Practice breathing in and out in a rhythmic fashion while examining the chest rise and fall gently. It is advised to keep the muscles limp while getting used to the rhythm.

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  • Positivity has a great value and imagining the same can be achieved with a fond memory or heartwarming moment of delight. A concrete image is proved to have a better effect on self-hypnosis. Once the body is in the state of calm, the expectant mother is advised to take herself to the period of childbirth and concentrate on what and how she would like things to proceed, simultaneously removing everything that she would not desire to happen. This positivity would lead the would-be-mother to connect more emphatically with the newborn.

  • Further imagining the infant in arms is a well-known fact with immense power to make the mother forget the pain of childbirth. Hence, it is suggested to develop this feeling to ease the childbirth
  • Finally, the practising mother needs to return slowly to her surroundings and be prepared to have a painless delivery of her baby.

There is no sure shot way for complete painless delivery, however, experts have been increasingly observing that the techniques of hypnosis have led many expectant mothers to reduce or eliminate the fear of natural-childbirths resulting in a more meaningful, relatively easy, successful and happy experience of childbirth.

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