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Sharada on ‘My Story Of Being On Cloudnine’

December 3, 2020

Dr Prakash Kini Holding Avyukta

Sharada wrote to us last week where she mentioned that she wanted to share her story with a few pictures. Here, she recollects her experience on the most important day of her life. Read through for an interesting viewpoint.

9th August 2012 – 9.06 am –  I can never forget Dr Prakash Kini’s voice saying “Are you ready Sharada, can you see your baby?” he said excitedly. Oh! Our little angel Avyukta was born.

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If I go back to how our journey began with Cloudnine, well, my husband Vijai and I had walked into Dr Kini’s cabin in May 2011 with my medical history of two abnormal pregnancies. We had never thought that this bundle of happiness would come so soon in our lives.

All thanks to Dr Kini. It has been such a pleasure to have him as my consulting doctor. All the negativity that I had about not being able to conceive a normal baby had vanished after my first consultation with him.

I work as an HR Advisor with ANZ and I was very worried that I would have to probably take a break from my career but my doctor understood my passion for work. Strict, disciplined, straightforward, witty, reliable, and time conscious, that’s Dr Kini for me. Every consultation with him instilled confidence in me.

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What I liked the most about my consultations was that I never had to wait for the doctor and my consultation never lasted for more than five minutes. Any emergency, he was just a call away. My pregnancy had limited my travel during my initial days and also towards the end but my doctor taught me that I need to enjoy my pregnancy. It is thanks to him that I have some great memories of my pregnancy.

I had to go in for a C-Section as the baby was huge and I am quite petite. But I must say, I was absolutely fine in two weeks as predicted by my doctor. I had even lost weight. My fear about the myths of C-sections was also over. It might sound strange to others but I stay in Kengeri and my mother’s place is in Rajajinagar.

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Yet I travelled all the way to meet Dr Kini because of certain recommendations and I am happy I made this decision.

My big thanks to the Cloudnine Jayanagar facility. I loved the facility and never felt I was in a hospital throughout my pregnancy and especially during my delivery. Today I am quite busy as a full-time mother but I think I would get back to work when I feel it is the right time. For now, this is utter bliss. Thank You Cloudnine.

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