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7 Things You Didn't Know Could Happen During Labour

Labor refers to the delivery of the baby. Labor is the process by which the birth of a child occurs. Labor marks the end of pregnancy. It begins with contractions of the uterus and ends with the expulsion of the fetus and the placenta. We are aware of the everyday things which happen during labor which includes contraction, pain and sometimes an epidural if you want pain relief.

Certain events can occur that can make your labor more daunting. Here are seven things that you didn't know could happen during Labor.-

1) Nausea & Vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are mostly part of the first trimester of pregnancy and can also occur during labor. Better handled with small sips of liquids or ice chips throughout labor. Most often your doctor will without solid food for the same reason.

2) Delivery of the Placenta & Postpartum Contraction

After your baby is delivered vaginally, you still undergo contraction that is a postpartum contraction. This is very normal as this contraction occurs so that the placenta is expelled from your body.

3) Unintended Bowel & Bladder movement

The muscles acting to control defecation and urination are also controlling labor. So it is much more likely to have an unintended bowel or bladder movement during labor, You may feel an urge to urinate and defecate. And it’s okay. An urge is a good sign that proper muscles are working during labor.

4) Prolonged Labor

Labor has 3 phases, namely the latent (early) stage, active phase and transition phase. In some cases, these phases do not take quickly one by one. It sometimes takes a much longer time for the next step to occur. The latent period in some women is prolonged to more than 20 hours in first time pregnant women and more than 14 hours if you have given birth before. It is due to your cervix being slow to stretch and thin. You don't have to worry, sleep, take a walk or enjoy a warm bath. Your cervix when dilated up to 3 centimeters, you enter the active phase of labor.

5) Rapid Labor

Rapid labor is also known as precipitous labor. Sometimes you can give birth too soon before you realize that your baby is already out. Rapid labor is when the baby is delivered vaginally in less than two hours after the start of a contraction.

New moms may see rapid labor as positive, but it has many disadvantages. You don't get time to reach the hospital, and your baby is delivered in an unsterilized environment which can lead to infection. During rapid delivery, there is a risk of tearing of cervix and vagina and haemorrhaging from the uterus or vagina.

6) Tearing of Vagina

During labor tearing of the perineum can occur to facilitate the process. In 90 % of women, some degree of vaginal tearing can be seen. Minor tearing heals quickly, but 3rd to 4th-degree tearing takes few weeks to heal. To avoid it the doctor may perform an episiotomy, a surgical incision given to enlarge the birth passage.

7)  Rectum Tearing

Tearing of rectum during labor is least common but can occur. It can occur especially with a difficult delivery. It can be prevented by proper exercise during pregnancy and the judicious use of an episiotomy.

8) Postpartum Haemorrhage

It means excessive bleeding after delivery which is one of the most serious complications that can happen with any mode of delivery. Early detection and timely intervention are key.

These are few things which you didn't know could happen during labor. But with proper preparation during pregnancy and with the best advice from your doctor could be handled and avoided.

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