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Sex During Pregnancy - When to Avoid Sex During Pregnancy

One of the biggest concerns a couple has once their pregnancy is confirmed is – “is sex safe during pregnancy”? It is natural for a couple to worry about the developing baby and ensure they do nothing to cause any harm. If you are wondering “can we have sex during pregnancy”, this is for you.

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Intercourse In Pregnancy

Sex is a very natural part of your pregnancy. If you have conceived naturally and are having a normal pregnancy, without any complications, intercourse during pregnancy will not harm your baby in any way.

The foetus is well protected within the amniotic fluid and by the uterine muscles. Your developing baby will not feel the penetration or contractions due to orgasms. Some studies conclude that orgasms during pregnancy can strengthen your pelvic muscles and help in smooth labour and delivery of the baby.

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Sex Positions During Pregnancy

You may not feel anything in the initial few weeks. as your pregnancy progresses and the bump grows in size, you may wonder what positions should be avoided during pregnancy.

Avoid any position that will put pressure on your pregnant belly. Even when in a missionary position, the pressure of your partner’s weight on your pregnant tummy can make it hard to breathe. Your uterus is also heavy in late pregnancy and can press against your blood vessels, thus restricting blood flow.

You can continue to have sex in the missionary position if your partner does not rest their weight on the pregnant belly. You can try lying on your sides, having the pregnant partner on top or even reverse cowgirl position.

Sex During Early Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, you are bound to feel closer to your partner. Both of you are starting a new journey that causes emotional changes in both, hormonal changes in the expecting mother, all of which can increase your sex drive.

The initial months can be scary for both partners as you still can’t feel the bump or the baby kicks and are not sure if the baby is comfortable or not. Don’t worry, your baby is well protected within the womb in the amniotic fluid and you cannot hurt them.

Sometimes, your doctor might ask you to wait until your first scan between the 8th and 12th week, to start having sex. Some of the reasons could be:

  • To ensure your placenta is not lying low, as penetration sex with placenta previa can be unsafe
  • You are spotting and your doctor does not want to risk any vaginal bleeding until the scan shows everything is fine
  • To ensure it is not an ectopic pregnancy
  • To ensure the embryo is healthy and is securely attached to the uterus
  • To ensure you are not at risk of miscarriage

Remember, not all doctors would ask you to wait. If your doctor has a doubt, they will ask you to wait until a scan can confirm the safety of your pregnancy.

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Sex During Late Pregnancy

As the pregnancy belly grows in size, it can become difficult to not only move like before but to even have sex like before. You may feel breathless sooner and the contractions due to orgasms can feel more intense during the final weeks of your pregnancy.

Some doctors may advise to not have sex – both penetrative and non-penetrative, during the last few weeks as it can stimulate labour. The school of thought on this is divided as some doctors don’t believe the prostaglandins in the semen can stimulate contractions.

Even if you are not having penetrative sex, breast stimulation and intense orgasms in the last few weeks of pregnancy may trigger contractions. If you are close to your delivery date or already past the due date, your doctor may not ask you to avoid having sex. Some women even have sex around their due date, to stimulate contractions.

Sex Drive During Pregnancy

Pregnancy causes severe hormonal fluctuations. You may not be interested in sex during the first few weeks of pregnancy. This could be due to:

  • Nausea or morning sickness
  • Vaginal dryness
  • General fear or discomfort related to pregnancy
  • Fatigue or cramps

As your hormones start settling, you may experience an increase in your sex drive. Remember, sex during pregnancy is perfectly safe, however, indulging in various sexual fantasies may not be. Ensure you accommodate your growing bump and that your partner is gentle with you.

If you or your partner are not in a monogamous relationship, it is important to use protection, to prevent any infections during pregnancy. Sexually transmitted diseases can affect your foetus.

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When to Avoid Sex During Pregnancy

Your doctor might ask you to abstain from sex during pregnancy if your pregnancy is at risk. It is not advisable to have sex in the following cases:

  • Unexplained vaginal bleeding
  • Amniotic fluid is leaking
  • Cervical incompetence – your cervix starts opening before the term
  • Placenta Previa – your placenta covers your cervical opening – partially or completely
  • History of preterm delivery.

Not Having Sex During Pregnancy

Many couples choose to not have sex throughout their pregnancy. It could be a doctor’s advice for the safety of the pregnancy or it could be the couple’s personal choice. Either way, it is okay if you don’t have sex when pregnant. there is no compulsion to have sex when pregnant.

Remember, if you are not comfortable having sex at any point during your pregnancy, you should be open about it to your partner. The woman may feel uncomfortable in certain positions as the bump grows; the man can feel delicate and worry about hurting the baby or his partner.

Both of these are more common than you think. So, if you are not ready, communicate it with your partner. If you are scared or worried, discuss it with your doctor.

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1. When should you stop having sex while pregnant?

  • If you experience vaginal bleeding, leaking amniotic fluid, uncomfortable contractions or breathlessness, you should avoid having sex.

2. Can sex cause miscarriage in early pregnancy?

  • No, miscarriages are caused due to issues in the formation of the embryo and not due to having sex during pregnancy.

3. Is sex good during pregnancy?

  • Sex is not bad or unsafe during pregnancy. Beyond that, it is each individual’s choice and perception. Though studies show sex can strengthen the pelvic muscles, no doctor will insist on having sex during pregnancy if you are not okay with it.

4. Can we have sex during early pregnancy?

  • yes, you can as long as your doctor does not advise against it for various medical or precautionary reasons.

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