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Right Parenting: Role of Dads in Childbirth and Beyond

Every couple hopes that the birth of their child is a safe and joyful experience. Unfortunately, many people are unclear about the role dads need to play in the entire process. Most men believe that their job ends the moment they select a credible maternal facility, which of course is simply untrue. In fact, it is important that dads take active participation in the process right from Day 1.

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Gearing Up

The most important thing as a dad you can do is to ensure that your wife gets adequate rest. You can also play a huge role in controlling visitors – try to ensure that your wife has had a good rest after the baby is born before she sees any visitors. If possible, it is recommended to request your friends and relatives to visit on the 2nd day.

The Ground Expectations

Firstly, you need to understand that the role a dad play varies from person to person, family to family, and culture to culture, but the willingness to take part and help is universal. Secondly, it is important that you don’t expect too much of yourself. While you need to be completely aware of what is going on and be available whenever required, don’t feel you need to be the centre of attraction.

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Keeping an Open Mind

It is vital for dads to keep an open mind about the various responsibilities that follow childbirth. Do not typecast any responsibility. As your wife will be recovering from the pregnancy for a fair while, as a dad, you need to fill in for all the responsibilities she may not be able to take care of. Starting from managing home chores to taking care for the baby, active participation is expected on all fronts.

Taking Professional Help

As a dad, you are likely to get different pieces of advice from different people. Hence, to avoid any confusion, it is recommended that you attend an antenatal workshop. These workshops offer a fun way to learn what is happening to your wife, how your baby is growing, etc. In fact, antenatal workshops can make you an expert in handling pregnancy!

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These days, with more people turning to professionals to learn the intricacies of right parenting, antenatal workshops give parents an opportunity to discuss any query or confusion they may have about parenting. If you too wish to learn the art of parenting, simply attend an antenatal workshop being held near your location.


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