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Remember you are strong and it's never the end! How to heal after a miscarriage

December 3, 2020

A loss of a pregnancy is a major loss. A person in such a situation goes through a doldrum of emotions and feelings.  Although, the feelings of helplessness don't go away, but with time things get better.

The stages of grief

  • Shock and denial -There could be a numbness wherein a person might feel ‘How could this happen to me?’. There's disbelief and pain.
  • Guilt and anger- Desperation can lead to an upsurge of grief over the loss and utmost helplessness leading to anger.
  • Depression and despair- This happens when one feels utterly helpless and dejected in life and a fear creeps in, making us believe we might never be happy again.
  • Acceptance- Finally, we come to terms with this loss and although we can never forget it the pain reduces and we get back our hope step after step. We look forward to the possibility of again being happy.

Coping with grief after miscarriage

A loss is a loss, no matter how early or late in a pregnancy. The loss of the one you grew to love so much is devastating. We have the right to grieve as much as we need. Eventually, we move forward. Family, one’s partner and friends help in the healing process so being around them is crucial. Their support matters most. Practicing yoga and dwelling into spirituality also help tremendously.

When will we feel normal again

It takes time to heal. But remember that we’re stronger than we know and sturdier than we believe. We’ll feel normal and breathe better. Taking up a hobby to distract ourselves can be useful. Yoga and meditation help a lot in such situations.

Getting pregnant again after a miscarriage

Healthcare providers advise to keep a buffer period of many months before trying to conceive again. Every possible precaution is to be taken before one is ready to conceive again. There is always a way. A situation might be an unbearable is possible but we have to remember that ‘this too shall pass’. There’s an urdu couplet which gives much hope in any sad situation in life.

It means, The heart has failed this one time, But the heart always has hope. The night of sadness is long, but it’s just one night. Morning will come. Don’t give up on yourself.

You are loved, You are strong, You shall overcome!

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