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Really felt like C9... Dr. Poornima Murthy simply the best doctor

I delivered last year on june16..cloud9 is simply d best...d day i gotta knw abt my pregnancy i decided to go to cloud9,which definitely is d best decision i another best decision was to choose dr. poornima murthy ad my doctor.. shez down to earth, simple and has a pleasant smile on her face always.. she guided me like elders always.. its cuz of her i cud attend my bro's wedding wid no tension n cud travel....staff too is very nice :) m glad i chose cloud9..if in future again i plan a baby wud definitely go to cloud9 n consult dr. poornima... we are thankful to cloud9 n dr. poornima cuz its cuz of dem we got most precious gift of life my daughter Aarna :) thnkuuu.... cloud9 rocks...i mesmerize my entire pregnancy n delivery...

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