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Ready, Set, Grow: A Guide to Newborn Development

A newborn baby is like a magical minion raring to go grow.

Before you know it, your baby’s bawling, crawling and falling. And you’re left wondering how the time flew by so quickly and whether you could ever reclaim that wondrous newborn phase. Of course you can’t, but the years ahead hold just as much promise and excitement as the one gone by. Take it from us.

Newborn Development Milestones You’ll find that your first year of parenthood opens your eyes to a whole sequence of marvellous milestones. And while babies demonstrate considerable variation in reaching set milestones, each one can serve as a useful yardstick to measure development.

Allow us to walk you through the milestones leading up to your sweetheart’s first birthday.

Birth to First Month

  • Maintains eye contact
  • Responds to familiar faces and scents

First Month to Third Month

  • Responds to familiar voices and sounds
  • Cries and coos for attention
  • Tracks motions with eyes

Third Month to Sixth Month

  • Gurgles and giggles
  • Intently observes children and adults
  • Raises head while resting on tummy
  • Clasps objects
  • Rolls over

Sixth Month to Ninth Month

  • Recognises and distinguishes familiar voices
  • Gauges tonality and emotion in voices
  • Sits up unassisted
  • Crawls around

Ninth Month to Twelfth Month

  • Demonstrates separation anxiety
  • Enjoys social interactions
  • Mimics sounds and says short words like ‘mama’ and ‘dada’, not necessarily in context
  • Comprehends some words

As far as growth is concerned, you’ll find your baby about 25 centimeters taller and about three times heavier by the time her first birthday rolls around.

Activities to Promote Development The first year serves as a wonderful journey of discovery for you and your baby. With each passing day, you’ll learn something new, uncovering fascinating facets of your little one’s personality. Likewise, your baby will learn to inherently trust and rely on you.

As you ride the rollercoaster that lines your baby’s first year, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Stay Safe

  • As your baby starts exploring the world, most everything will capture her imagination. She’ll see everything from a new lens and yet, some of her adventures may teeter between discovery and danger.

  • Prepare for your fair share of wild child moments and as you go along and embrace a spate of safety tools. For starters, take an infant first aid or CPR course so that you’re well-equipped in the event of an emergency.

  • Invest in a sturdy car seat; you’ll find these in an assortment of stores across Indian cities and in several online stores.

  • Baby-proof your home by keeping little chew-worthy objects safely stowed away. Also, seal low-lying electric sockets, apply corner guards and cover the ground around your baby’s play area in a soft playmat.

Talk, Play and Sing With Your Baby

If you’re a self-taught singer, you may find your stellar songs falling on deaf ears. But it isn’t that your baby is ignoring your offbeat, off-tune renditions of last year’s hot mix. Believe it or not, your baby is registering everything; every little line, down to the last note. Use this time to teach your baby words through rhymes and songs. Assign labels to objects around the house. Talk to your baby about your day and your thoughts. One day, very soon, this will become a two-way street.

Shower Your Baby With Love

Babies thrive in loving environments, so it’s important that you envelope your little one in a safe, secure and warm environment. This will lay a wonderful foundation for your baby’s future.

Follow Your Intuition

Mommas are programmed to do what’s best for their baby. Trust yourself to make the right decisions and if you need a second opinion, call your paediatrician.

Before you toggle web pages and jump out of this little article, know this: these milestones we’ve mentioned serve as reference points and are not definitive measures of your baby’s progress. Each child grows and learns at their own pace. And while we can’t forecast when your little one will check the boxes mentioned for each of these milestones, we can predict years of fun, frolic and frenzy in your years ahead. Make the most of now!

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