Baby’s Developmental Milestones – Mental Milestones in Newborn Babies

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The first time you hold your baby in your arms and the angelic face looks up to you and smiles – that is probably the most cherished moment of parenthood. Suddenly you realize that you are holding an individual with a mind of its own. It is also a sign that your baby is steadily growing and all set to achieve various development milestones. The first year of your baby’s life is very crucial because this is when your little one will sweep past various growth landmarks. Keeping track of mental milestones your child achieves during this time is important, because babies go through changes so rapidly.
Mental milestones, or development milestones as they are often called, showcase your baby’s intellectuality and developing social skills. You ought to start seeing this from when the child starts smiling at people. These social smiles, which most infants display at 6 weeks of age, are a sign that the baby is developing visual acuity. They can now see people properly, identify them and smile accordingly.However, before you get excited, remember this – babies will flash social smiles at everyone, even if they do not recognize you! However, if your little one does not flaunt a social smile till it is eight weeks old, bring this to the attention of your pediatrician.Music to the EarsBetween 8 to 12 weeks, your baby will start making cooing sounds, which is an indication that it is developing its vocal sensation properly. This milestone will be followed with another significant one – where your baby starts speaking.Generally, most kids are able to utter consonants or words like “Mama”, “Papa” or “Dada” between six to nine months. Often, the child might not attach any meaning to these words and might call you “Mama” and then turn around and call a box “Mama” too!Some early talkers start uttering words when they are just six months old, while others might take as long as nine months. This is perfectly normal, because no two babies are alike and have different milestones.Usually, babies can string two consonants together, for e.g. “My papa” or “My mama” by their first birthday, though some might take as long as 15 to 18 months. So do not panic if your child is taking longer to voice out words. However, if you little one has not started saying consonants by their first birthday, your pediatrician should be informed.Immersed as you would be in your baby’s ever-changing emotions and moods, keep a chart handy to tick out your little one’s mental milestones. Years later, your baby would love to peruse it too once he or she has grown up!
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