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Welcome to Week 33

Only seven more weeks to go before you meet your little darling! Here’s what you should know and do this week.

Update on Your Body

Your blood volume has increased by 40-50% by now, to accommodate the requirements of your baby and to compensate for the blood you may lose during your delivery. Your total weight gain up until this week is probably between 9-12 kilos. Your uterus sits approximately 5 inches above your belly button. At this point, it is wise to keep a watch for signs of premature labour. Ask your doctor about signs to look out for.

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Update on Your Baby

This week, your baby’s skin is no longer as red and wrinkled as it used to be. The fat below the skin is continuing to grow, giving your baby a more ‘normal’ appearance. The bones have begun to grow harder. However, the skull will remain soft and pliable, to slide itself through the birth canal during childbirth.

Soon, your baby will take up the fetal position, by bending his or her knees, resting the chin on the chest, and crossing the hands and feet. As your baby takes up this position, you may notice a slight reduction in the frequency of movement.

Your Baby’s Size

17.2 inches, or the size of a pineapple.

Tips for an Expectant Mom


Include your older child in arrangements and preparations for the new baby. This will help them adjust to the new baby without feeling neglected and will reduce temper tantrums and adjustment issues in the future too.

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You may find sexual intercourse during this stage of your pregnancy uncomfortable. However, it is still safe to engage in intercourse with your partner, unless your doctor has advised you otherwise.

Continue to keep your feet raised when you sit or lay down, to avoid swollen feet.

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Tips for an Expectant Dad


Spend extra time with your older child to assure them that you still love them just the same and that the arrival of a new baby isn’t going to change anything.

Be sensitive to the discomforts of your partner. Although it may be safe to have intercourse, your partner may find it uncomfortable. Empathise with her.

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