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Welcome to Week 13

By the end of this week, you will have graduated to your second trimester. And not too long from now, your much-awaited baby bump will begin to emerge!

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Update on Your Body

Stretch marks may have begun to appear on your belly and soon, you will have a noticeable baby bump too. Your uterus will begin to grow upwards into your abdomen. You will also start gaining weight if you have previously been unable to do so. Your breasts are already bigger, but now they may feel lumpy too, as the mammary ducts begin to grow in number. The mammary ducts will produce and secrete milk for your baby, once you have delivered. The blue veins under the skin on your breasts may also have become more distinct.

Update on Your Baby

Your baby is now producing blood by itself, and the spleen, bone marrow and liver have started producing red blood cells. The bones are forming and the teeth are in place within the gums. Your baby’s body has grown so that the head is now one-third the size of the body, and the skin is covered by fine, soft hair known as lanugo.

Your Baby’s Size

2.9 inches, or the size of a lemon.

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Tips for an Expectant Mom


Combat stretch marks with lotions and ointments containing vitamin E and alpha hydroxyl acids; these might help to diminish their appearance.

Read and educate yourself about the nuances of pregnancy, childbirth, and caring for a baby. When in doubt, speak to your doctor. He or she knows what’s best for you and has your baby’s and your best interests at heart.

Speak to your employer about your pregnancy, as you will have to plan your maternity leave soon.


Try not to fret too much over skin patches and stretch marks, as there is little you can do about them; they usually lighten and disappear after delivery.

Tips for an Expectant Dad


Accompany your partner to her next ultrasound scan to see and hear your baby’s heartbeat.

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