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Pregnancy And UTI: All You Need To Know

When Ramya was pregnant, she would find herself rushing to the washroom ever so often. Even during the initial days, when she hadn’t shared her news with many, her colleagues noticed that she would even excuse herself during the shortest of meetings to relieve herself. When the bathroom visits were accompanied by a sharp burning sensation, Ramya knew it was not normal.

She confided in her best friend who showed her several articles that said one of the most common problems during pregnancy was the frequent urge to urinate. That explained her constant trips to the washrooms, but the burning sensation continued to bug her. The fact that it might be harmful for the baby is what prompted her to check with her gynecologist.

That was the best decision she had made. A few urine tests later, Ramya was diagnosed with UTI or Urinary Tract Infection.

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What Is A UTI?


Broken down into simple terms, UTI is an infection that can affect any part of your urinary tract. Some of the most commonly affected parts are - the bladder, the kidney, the ureters or the tube that passes the urine flow from the kidney to the bladder, the urethra or the tube that helps pass urine.

Women are more prone to contracting UTI considering the fact that their urethras are shorter than men.  Also, the vaginal opening is close to the urethra making it prone to infection.

How Would You Know If You Have UTI?

Like Ramya, if you have UTI, one of the most common symptoms would be a higher urge to pee and a burning sensation. However, here are some more things that can help you identify a case of UTI.

  • Cloudy or bloody pee
  • Pain in your sides or back
  • Pee that smells weird
  • Fever
  • Frequency

In case you are experiencing one or some of these symptoms, please do schedule a visit with your gynecologist to get treated immediately.

Pregnancy And UTI

Pregnancy brings a whole lot of changes to your body. From surging hormones to associated mood swings and changes to your body, you might also find yourself contracting UTI. Yes, that’s correct. UTI is a common problem during pregnancy, but it certainly doesn’t mean that it’ll get managed on its own.

One of the reasons pregnant women are more likely to get UTI is because of the change in hormones that make them quite vulnerable to infections. Secondly, as the pregnancy progresses, your uterus becomes bigger, putting pressure on your bladder. This typically would mean that even though your bathroom visits increase, there might be some urine retained in the bladder, which could trigger a possible UTI.

Why Should You Consult A Doctor

Even under normal circumstances, UTI should be addressed and treated as soon as possible.  However, when you are pregnant, this must be brought to your gynecologist’s notice because immediate treatment is important for the safety of your pregnancy. Also, in some cases UTI is asymptomatic, which means there are no symptoms. Only a routine urine test can help to know and treat UTI during pregnancy.

While most urinary tract infections are limited to the scope of your bladder and urethra, if left untreated, it can make its way to the kidney too. If that happens, you will have a kidney infection that could be a cause for concern. Kidney infections could have an adverse affect on your pregnancy causing preterm labour and even low birth weight in the baby.

Hence, for your safety and the health of the baby, it’ll help if you are as alert as Ramya. Even if it’s not a UTI, it will not hurt to be cautious.

What If It’s A UTI?

If you are pregnant and you have been diagnosed with UTI, the first step is not to panic and trust your doctor. With proper medication, you and your baby will be safe and healthy.

How Can You Prevent A UTI?

First up, it helps to use clean washrooms. If it’s not urgent, it’s recommended that you steer clear of public washrooms. Apart from that, here are a few other tips to keep UTI at bay.

  • Always wipe from front to back after using the washroom.
  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Wash your genitals with warm water before sex and clean after sex. Use water-based lubricants if need be during sex.
  • Relieve yourself after sex.
  • Wear cotton undergarments.
  • Have plenty of liquids

This way, you can play your part in preventing UTI. However, even if you do happen to contract it, we will provide you with all the medical and emotional assistance to deal with it.

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