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Perks of Talking to Your Baby in the Womb

One of the best parts about pregnancy is when the mother and the baby in the womb start to bond. As the pregnancy advances, the baby starts hearing the voices from the outside. The baby hears the mother’s voice first and he/she can even decipher and differentiate the voices. So, while talking to the baby, the mother actually creates a bond with the little one before he/she is born and that is carried on after birth.

Here are a few reasons why you should to talk to your baby:

  • Talking to the baby before birth can provide the baby with a sense of safety and security. It can further help in reducing any stress that the baby goes through inside the womb.

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  • It can help with speech development and language differentiation which can help the kid differentiate between various languages. The baby can also remember words.

  • Allows the baby to get accustomed to a second parent’s voice.
  • This is of utmost importance if the method conceiving the child was surrogacy, the child will bond with the parents if repeatedly spoken too.

Around 14 weeks into the pregnancy the baby develops audio receptors and is able to hear you and others from inside the womb. It is a common practice where moms put headphones over the tummy so that the baby can hear music but it has been proved that hearing the mother’s voice can be way more beneficial for the child.

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Here are a few instances when a mother can try to communicate with the child in the womb:

  • Sing to the baby your favourite song instead of using headphones. If you think your voice isn’t good enough, know that this isn’t about how good a singer you are but about having the baby accustomed to your voice. You can even try lullabies.

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  • If you’re a person who tends to overthink, then you must be thinking about how your baby will get around with its speech and language capabilities. Well, read the baby a newspaper or a book. Slowly and in a calm voice, read aloud whatever you’re reading. Not only are they listening, the babies sometimes even remember some of the words.
  • This might seem weird at first but talk to your baby when you are alone or bored with the daily routine. You can share what you feel and remember while this might just seem like talking to your belly, you are actually bonding. You can talk to your baby about your daily chores too.

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  • Let him/her know how you feel, share your happiness or sadness. If there is some stress, remember the baby is going through it too, so calm the baby down in a soothing voice. Remember to talk to the baby during labor stress.

Communication is a key element to the connection you share with your baby. However, your baby will bond well with you if you follow a few things apart from just talking to your baby. Babies in the womb are known to respond to stimuli of touch and smell too.

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Here’s what more you can do:

  • Trying out flavour ful food:

round 4 months into the pregnancy, the baby develops a sense of taste and that means you can take out your unborn baby to dinner to try some fun exotic food but make sure it’s safe. Bond over your favourite cuisines.

  • Massaging the tummy:

Well this needs to be made a practice of. You can figure out a convenient time every day to sit down and slowly massage your belly with oils. You can even use aromatic oils but always get certified from your doctor if the products you are using are safe. Babies in the womb are known to respond to touch and learn who’s touching them; mother, father, or a stranger.

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Congratulations on having made it this far into the pregnancy. Hold tight, for these are the moments you will cherish later on. Stay safe, and here’s hoping these tips will help you bond with your child more and more.

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