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Pelvic Pain in Pregnancy - Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Some women may experience pelvic pain during pregnancy. This is also called pregnancy-related Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) or Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction(SPD).

PGP is a collection of uncomfortable symptoms caused by stiffness of your pelvic joints or the joints moving unevenly at either the back i.e., sacroiliac joint or front of your pelvis is a symphysis pubis joint.


PGP is common, affecting 1 in every 5 pregnant women and can alter your mobility and quality of life. It can cause pain while walking, climbing stairs and turning over in bed.

What Causes Pelvic Girdle Pain?

Pregnancy hormones make your ligaments lose. This can lead to increased or uneven movements in the pelvis and extra movement can cause pain. As the baby grows this can change your posture, putting a strain on the pelvis and lower back. Your pelvic joint can become misaligned.

What are the Symptoms of PGP?

PGP is not harmful to your baby but can be painful and hard to move around

Women may feel pain:

• Over pubic bone at the front in the centre

• Across sides of the lower back

• Within the area between the vagina and anus

• Spreading to thighs

• Some may experience or notice a clicking or grinding in the pelvic area.

When Does the Pain Worsen?

• While walking

• Going up or down stairs

• Turning over in bed

• While moving your legs apart

• Standing on one leg

What is the Treatment for PGP?


It includes the following:

Hands-on therapy to reinstate regular movement of muscles and joints in the pelvis

• Exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor

• Water exercises

• They may advise you a pelvic support belt or crutches


Pain relief medications that are risk-free in pregnancy.

Alternative therapies:

• Hypnosis

• Acupuncture

• TENS machine

Meditation - Example: Mindfulness or Yoga

• Complementary therapies such as massage or reflexology

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